The Kitely Market Surpassed 500 Grids Milestone

According to Hypergrid Business latest statistics published recently the Kitely Market has now passed the 500 grid milestone which is very good news indeed. Kitely has now delivered content to a total of 506 OpenSim grids in terms of closed and hypergrid enabled ones.

In recent years exportables and listings have been increasing on the Kitely Market offering a useful way for OpenSim users to buy legal and legitimate content. The latest stats show that there are “currently 18,469 product listings in Kitely Market containing 36,871 product variations, of which 31,736 are exportable”.

Here is a graph showing exportable (green) and non-exportable (red) growth on the Kitely Market since July 2014.

Kitely Market strong growth continues (Hypergrid Business Data)

Kitely now has 19, 101 regions, there is roughly 1, 130 active users that have logged in during the past month and in total there are 123, 936 total residents on the Kitely grid.

OpenSim land area increased this month however active users fell for a second month running. There was a net loss of 452 active users in the last 30 days.

OpenSim land area over the years (Hypergrid Business Data)

The Kitely grid recently announced that they now support the Environmental Enhancement Project (EEP) where you can change the world’s environment in terms of the sky and water. Kitely now runs on the latest stable release of OpenSim


Kitely Market sales jump 300% since InWorldz shut down last week

On 2nd August 2018 Ilan Tochner the CEO of Kitely announced a new record of a 300% sales jump on the Kitely Market since InWorldz shut down last week. This is a huge jump in sales growth for the popular Kitely Market.

DigiWorldz and Discovery Grid saw increased growth in sales during the past week. Other grids most likely saw increased sales too.

Check out the Kitely Market here

The blog post reads…

InWorldz, one of the oldest and largest OpenSim grids, has recently shut down. Since then, many InWorldz residents have moved to other grids in search of a new home. Thanks to Kitely Market, we now have some hard data that shows the scope of this exodus, as well as which grids were the preferred destinations for InWorldz residents.

We have seen a remarkable 300% spike in Kitely Market sales since InWorldz has shut down, as users that moved to new grids began restocking their avatar inventories. InWorldz didn’t allow its residents to use Kitely Market, so for many of these users this is the first time that they’ve been able to buy from our marketplace.

We saw Kitely Market sales begin to rise on July 26, a day before InWorldz shut down. The graph below compares sales from the week since InWorldz shut down, to the average weekly sales in the three weeks before that. Kitely’s own grid experienced the biggest growth in absolute numbers, but DigiWorldz and Discovery Grid experienced the most growth relative to their previous sales levels.

Stay updated on the latest Kitely news here.

InWorldz 2.0 Update

(2nd August update) – Looks like InWorldz 2.0 will be called the Infiniti Grid

Infiniti Grid

Poll Results: What grid have you moved to after the closure of InWorldz ?

Poll Results OpenSim


More updates soon! 

Some cool Kitely places to visit in 2017

Kitely Login Screen – 18th March 2017

Kitely Welcome Center – central area

Kitely Welcome Area – nice pathways layout

Kitely Welcome Area – places to visit area

Kitely Welcome Area – meeting area

Freebie Mail 

Seanchai Library

Kitely sandbox regions

Cookie II welcome zone

Multiverse Dragon Masters

Serenity Island

There are many interesting places (worlds) to visit in Kitely, see here

Latest News

Useful Links

My new snapshots of the Kitely Welcome Center

Check out my new snapshots of the beautiful and welcoming Kitely Welcome Center. Snapshots were taken on 12th April 2015 on the Kitely grid. The Kitely Welcome Center opened back in September 2013 and it still looks great today I think.

Kitely Welcome Center

Kitely Welcome Center_003

Kitely Welcome Center

Kitely Welcome Center

Kitely Welcome Center_006

There are info boards, freebies, a showcase of worlds/stores to visit and much more around the Kitely Welcome Center to see. There are regular Kitely Community Meetings that take place to discuss user requests, issues and upcoming features. Keep updated on all things Kitely!


Kitely removing support for Facebook Groups as access controls for worlds

Ilan Tochner who is the CEO of the Kitely grid announced on 20th March via the Kitely Forums and the Kitely blog that support for Facebook Groups as access controls for worlds will be removed as of Friday 27th March 2015.

It seems like Facebook has decided to stop allowing external programs to get the list of groups that a user belongs. Kitely will be removing this feature and support for it later this week. For more details see below.

Via the Kitely Forums thread

We’ll be removing support for Facebook Groups as access controls for worlds on March 27. If you’re currently using this feature then make sure to change your world access controls before this date.

Via the Kitely blog post

Currently, World Managers can choose to restrict access to their worlds so only people who belong to certain Facebook Groups can visit it. Unfortunately, Facebook has decided to stop allowing external programs to get the list of groups that a user belongs to. Therefore, we are forced to remove this feature from Kitely. This will happen on March 27, 2015.

If you are currently using Facebook Groups for access control then you should switch to a different method of restricting access to your world: e.g., using OpenSim groups. Otherwise, once we’ve updated the system your world may become accessible to more people than you had intended.

New introduction Kitely Market video released

On 5th February a new short introduction Kitely Market video was released by the Kitely team showing how it works for buyers and sellers. As many know already the Kitely Market has been a huge success so far and the marketplace now serves all Hypergrid-enabled OpenSim grids.

The new Kitely introduction video runs for 4 minutes and 44 seconds, Here is the official announcement and video. See below! 🙂

Kitely Market is an advanced marketplace for virtual goods. Currently Kitely Market serves all Hypergrid-enabled OpenSim grids, but our ultimate goal is to serve everyone in the Metaverse. We already announced that Kitely Market will support delivery to High Fidelity once that platform matures sufficiently, and we intend to broaden our marketplace’s reach even further as additional virtual reality platforms become available.

The more people use Kitely Market, the better it works: more buyers lead to more sellers and more content, which lead to more buyers, and so on. Therefore, spreading the word about Kitely Market helps everyone. To help promote Kitely Market, we created a short video that shows how it works for both buyers and sellers. Please Like this video; share it in as many places as possible; embed it in your blog; etc. If you’re willing, please go to the video’s YouTube page and write a rave review before you share the link to it. ;-)

Check this out!

See video details, see below.

Virtual Reality is coming and it’s kickstarting the Metaverse. Just as the Internet is a collection of websites, the Metaverse is a collection of virtual environments. By the nature of the Metaverse, multiple virtual world platforms will compete for market share. This means that the Metaverse will be based on many technologies, which will make it difficult for content creators to reach and support all of their potential customers.

This is where Kitely Market comes in. Kitely Market is a virtual goods marketplace that enables content creators to serve avatars across the Metaverse from a single online store. Kitely Market automatically converts content to each platform, and delivers it directly to avatars. This saves buyers from having to deal with the complexities of importing 3D models.

Our mission is to create a critical mass of buyers, sellers and content in order to help the Metaverse evolve from a collection of separate virtual worlds to a unified ecosystem.

Spread the word about the Kitely Market and show them this interesting intro video to get started. 🙂

Kitely Community Meetings changed from Wednesdays to Sundays

Kitely Welcome Center_002

Ilan Tochner who is the Co-Founder and CEO of Kitely has announced on Wednesday 7th January 2015 via Kitely Forums that the weekly Kitely Community Meetings will be changed from Wednesdays to Sundays instead.

Many Kitely users agreed on the Kitely Forums to move it to Sundays instead because it clashed with other events.

The next Kitely Community Meeting will now be held at 1pm PST on Sunday 11th January 2015 at the Kitely Welcome Center. it’s a great way to find out the latest Kitely news and events happening.

All welcome to attend!

Kitely new changes to Metered Worlds

Daniel Voyager
Restricted Access

The Kitely team sent out this email today regarding the new changes to Metered Worlds which will come into effect on 1st July 2014. See Removing Metered Worlds and Introducing Premium Worlds blog announcement for the FAQ and for the latest feedback from the Kitely community. There does seem to be some confusion in comments and some positive feedback too.

As you can see above my access to this virtual world is restricted because I’m not Premium and due to the fact I don’t have any Kitely Credits. Personally I like to explore the worlds on Kitely for free and not have time constraints etc which has been the case in previous months. I do have a Regular Free Account and I don’t have any interest in upgrading to Premium. This applies to all other OpenSim Grid and the main Second Life grid.

Kitely pricing plans
Kitely Account Monthly Plan

Kitely Credits
Kitely Credits

Q: When does this change take effect?

A: Users with a Regular Account can’t create new Premium Worlds: this change is effective immediately.

However, users with a Regular Account that have existing Premium Worlds in their account have a grace period until July 1, 2014. During this grace period, Regular Account and Hypergrid users will still be allowed to visit these worlds. On July 1 the full rules described above will take effect, so Regular Account and Hypergrid users will no longer be able to visit these worlds.


Changes to Metered Worlds

On July 1, 2014 Kitely will be making a change to its services that may affect you. We’re renaming Metered Worlds to Premium Worlds, and only users with a Premium Account will be able to use Premium Worlds. This means that if you currently have a Regular Account, and you’re using Metered Worlds, then starting July 1 you will no longer be able to visit your Premium Worlds nor allow other Regular Account or Hypergrid users to visit them. In order to keep accessing these worlds you’ll need to either upgrade to a Premium Account, or change the worlds to be Fixed-Price Worlds.

If you already have a Premium Account then this change won’t affect you. (Grandfathered Silver Plans and Gold Plans are also considered Premium Accounts.)

If you don’t care whether people can visit your worlds or not then you can ignore this email; you don’t have to take any action.

For details see this blog post.

Other Updates

Here are some of the advances we’ve made in Kitely lately:

March 2014 – Kitely Cuts World Startup Time in Half, and Improves Performance

We upgraded the servers that we use to host OpenSim worlds, and this has improved performance significantly. This upgrade is available automatically to all Kitely users at no additional cost. For details see this blog post.

March 2014 – Kitely Market Delivers to the Hypergrid

You can now buy items from Kitely Market and have them delivered to your avatar in any Hypergrid enabled grid. For details see this blog post.

May 2014 – Kitely Enables Hypergrid Access with Strong Content Protections

You can now allow Hypergrid users to visit your Kitely worlds, or use your Kitely avatar to visit other grids on the Hypergrid. Kitely respects content creators’ rights, so content that isn’t allowed to be exported out of Kitely can’t be taken to other grids. For details see this blog post.

The Kitely Team


New Kitely homepage is here

Check out the new look Kitely homepage which went live this week and now it’s easier to understand what Kitely does. The new Kitely homepage now shows many screenshots on what you can do in Kitely and why you should choose Kitely.

The new Kitely homepage is very nice, clear and more appealing than ever before I think. I also love the new Kitely logo in the left hand corner which has been revamped during the past month.

Congratulation to all those that worked on the new homepage.

New Kitely Homepage
New Kitely Homepage

See the latest Kitely blog announcement for recent improvements and bug fixes.

Great work!

New Kitely events calendar

Kitely Events Calendar 2014
Kitely Events Calendar 2014

Selby Evans posted new details about a new Kitely events calendar this week which is a project of the Kitely community meeting held on a weekly basis. This new Kitely events calendar is running using Google software and this is a great way to promote events going on the Kitely grid.

To get your event authorized on the Kitely events calendar, please contact Handy Low. Please spread the word and let’s get this calendar full of enjoyable events.

Hopefully more event listings will be added very soon. On the Kitely Forums there is an events section worth checking out called Events and Activities for current and upcoming events.

Who can post to the event calendar ?

  • Performers
  • Venue managers
  • Event managers
  • Merchants who run genuine specials  

Where can I see the event calendar ?

  • Welcome areas
  • Merchant districts (service to customers)
  • Entertainment venues (promote Kitely for entertainment)

Tips on event posting

  • Don’t assume the location field will work for a virtual place
  • Put location links in the description.  
  • Include the web address for the Kitely world
  • Be sure visitors can find the venue from their arrival point
  • Don’t spam or post fake sales.  
  • Use the description to tell people why they want to come to your event.
  • Know your target market.  Talking to everybody is talking to nobody.
  • Start with what your target people are interested in.  
  • Use language that interests your target people.

The Kitely community meetings take place at the Kitely Welcome Center at 1pm PDT on Wednesdays to work on plans for improving the grid and promoting Kitely.