InWorldz reaches 95, 000 total user signups

InWorldz reached a new milestone this week on reaching 95, 000 total user signups and now there 5, 000 signups left until the InWorldz grid reaches the big 100, 000 total user signups mark. I predict that will happen before April 2014 at the latest.

InWorldz 95, 000

Check out the InWorldz Login Screen to keep track of the numbers and tweets.

When the signups do hit 100, 000 sometime within the next month or so it will be a historical day to remember. I think there should be a big party to celebrate the big milestone. I’ve now been a user of InWorldz since 2nd September 2010 and I’ve been really interested in the metrics since then.

In general the grid is still growing at a good rate in terms of active users, signups and regions. In March 2014 InWorldz will be celebrating its 5th birthday from 16th March through to 2nd April 2014. I am really looking forward to the birthday and celebrating with everyone. I’ll be blogging about the upcoming 5th birthday so stay tuned.

If you have not signed up yet, I strongly recommend it. 🙂


New Camp Hardknock Winter 2014 video

Watch the newly released Camp Hardknock Winter 2014 video highlighting the best scenes from camp this year which runs for 16 minutes and 25 seconds filmed in Second Life. It’s a must watch video and features well known residents of the SL community.

Check this out! 

Camp Hardknock – Winter 2014 from Camp Hardknock on Vimeo.

The Blackened Mirror season 2 ends with episode 6

Episode 6 of The Blackened Mirror season 2 aired to the public in Second Life on Sunday 9th February 2014 which marks the end of Season 2. In this final episode called Decisions, “Prisoners in the steampunk city of New Babbage, Harland Quinn, Alais Alleyn and Mr. Biggins all face decisions that will shape their Quest – and their futures!”.

Epsiode 6 runs for 10 minutes and 39 seconds filmed in Second Life. Check this out and spread the word around the grid. You really don’t want to miss this episode!

Watch previous episodes here. Hopefully season 3 will get the go ahead later this year and more support to continue the popular tv series. Awesome!