Listen to show 7 of The Drax Files Radio Hour

Show 7 – The Drax Files Radio Hour

The weekly Drax Files radio hour continues this week with show 7 featuring Ebbe Linden the new CEO of Linden Lab and a look back at the most popular news stories from Linden Lab during the past week. It’s another great show hosted by Drax and Jo full of great coverage. I really enjoy listening to the show each week and please spread the word about this fantastic radio show.

Listen to show 7

Topics this week include…

  • New starter avatars
  • Voice of Ebbe Linden from the first SL press meeting
  • Closure of Dio, Creatorverse and Versu
  • VR headsets
  • Special guest harvey crabsticks
  • And much more!

Contact the show broadcasters via skype draxfiles, avatar draxfiles or email if you would to take part in the weekly friday radio show in Second Life.


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