The Great Canadian Grid upgrading to new dedicated server

The Great Canadian Grid is offline this weekend for a server upgrade and once the grid comes back online it will be on a new dedicated server bringing new important updates to the grid.

The Great Canadian Grid is coming out of its beta testing phrase currently and into the commercial phrase which is excellent news. When the switching of servers is completed it will bring the following updates:

  • Opensimulator 0.7.6 installed
  • Groups installed
  • Offline IM’s installed
  • Profiles installed
  • Hypergrid Deactivated
  • Search installed
  • Bulletsim Physics installed
  • Robust for grid hosting installed
  • Extra Security and much more!…

Grid Stats (8th February 2014)

  • Regions: 10
  • Residents: 111
  • Unique Residents (past 30 days): 66

Keep checking The Great Canadian Grid news page for further updates and progress. Hopefully it will be back online very soon. 


RFL of SL 2014 team registration opens today

Relay for Life of Second Life team registration for 2014 opens officially today and this is your chance to participate in one of the biggest events on the grid. Approving team registrations is done by hand as usual and the team numbers are assigned by the system. The official kickoff celebration starts on 8th March 2014. I can’t wait and I’m sure you are excited about the 10th season too.

HUGE! RFL Purple Cupcake
HUGE! RFL Purple Cupcake

1 month and counting until the RFL of SL 2014 season gets underway. It’s encouraged for teams to invite friends and come up with great ideas to raise even more funds this year.

Check out the American Cancer Society region in Second Life which is always open to the public and full of useful information about upcoming Relay For Life season.

RFL of SL 2014
American Cancer Society region in Second Life

Will you be signing up this year for 10th annual Relay for Life of Second Life 2014 ?