Trailer 4 of Paradise Lost in Second Life

Paradise Lost in Second Life – Spring 2014

Canary Beck has uploaded trailer 4 of Paradise Lost in Second Life on YouTube this week. This is a theatre production that will coming out officially in Spring 2014. I’m super excited about the main release and I can’t wait to review it. I strongly recommend everyone watching the trailers that have been released so far. 

Please watch the new trailer below and spread the word about this wonderful production in Second Life to friends around the grid. This is really world-class and fantastic in so many ways I think.   

Paradise Lost in Second Life, Trailer 4 – Basilique Performing Arts Company

Our Fourth Trailer! For best results: Watch in 1080HD, full screen, with the sound on. 

The 4th Trailer for Paradise Lost – The Story of Adam and Eve’s Original Sin in Fourteen Movements of Mozart’s Requiem, featuring Satan falling from Heaven, landing in Hell, and being coronated by his followers. Opening in Spring 2014 at the Basilique Playhouse.

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