Third party viewers that support mesh now

Linden Lab announced the big news that Mesh is now gridwide and many are asking the question which third party viewers support mesh at the moment. These are exciting times!

From what I’ve been hearing it seems that Kirsten’s viewer is mesh enabled and all the other TPVs will support mesh in the near future.  According to the The Torch: SL Guide blog post it will take some time to update on other viewers.

Due to ownership outside LL of some graphical elements, they can’t release the source code to the third party viewer creators, that’s why all other viewers will take some time to update. It is said that Firestorm will be able to view meshes within a week and users of Firestorm will be able to upload meshes within a month, thou this is still in the rumor state.

According to Tateru Nino’s blog post about mesh on TPVs..

At present, support for mesh in third-party Second Life viewers is rather thin on the ground. Some are planning it, some are planning to avoid it. Also estate managers can apparently turn mesh support on or off for their regions.

I’m sure many are looking forward to TPVs finally being able to support mesh. It won’t be long hopefully and if you know more about mesh on TPVs then feel free to comment. Would love to know more! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Third party viewers that support mesh now

  1. Kirstenlee’s S21 Build 9 can both view *and* upload meshes.

    I had a long chat with Jessica at Firestorm a while ago, and she confirmed, that where rendering mesh is concerned, they had access to the code, but were waiting for the code to stabilise prior to introducing it to Firestorm – so it would seem that a timeframe of a week or so now “Viewer 3” is out there would seem reasonable.

    Uploading meshes, however, is (or was, I’ve not spoken to Jessica of late to check on the situation) a different matter. As I’ve reported on my own blog in the past, the code to upload mesh is very tied to the Havok physics engine (one of the weighting factors used in mesh is physics-related); ergo, it seems that TPVs either need a Havok licence (or might possibly use the “free” version of Havok – not sure on the licencing here), or need to look at an open-source alternative to use with a re-work of the upload code.

    Kokua is a bit up-in-the-air for other reasons, as we know, sadly.

    I also spoke to Lance Corrimal (again, a while back when working on my own piece on mesh and the Viewer), and he confirmed he’d be looking to support mesh rendering (no timescale given, as he’s very busy), but again, mesh uploads may be a tougher nut to crack.


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