InWorldz registered accounts growth so far

Looking around on the InWorldz Forums and else where I managed to find some interesting registered accounts data. After I posted Wizard Gynoid kindly made a graph showing InWorldz Registrations from 2010 to 2011 from the dates below.

Amazing growth I think for InWorldz so far and we can expect to see the 50, 000 member join later this year. Woooot!

3 big announcements during August 2011 by the InWorldz Founders

The InWorldz Founders have published a number of well written and thoughtful posts this month on the InWorldz Forums. It’s definitely worth reading these excellent reports about InWorldz.

I have always been impressed when I enter InWorldz because the mentors there are helpful and friendly. There have been many exciting events this year so far and it’s nice to spend time with friends on the grid of InWorldz. InWorldz seems to be getting bigger in size every month in terms of regions and residents which is good to be part of as a resident of InWorldz.

Bring back last names in SL update

On 19th July 2011 I blogged about a JIRA called Bring Back Last Name Options and since then there has been a huge SL community effort to try to get Linden Lab to bring it back. There’s been alot of feedback in comments in this JIRA, buzz on Plurk, Twitter and on SL resident blogs in the past month.

Current statistics

  • Vote (1254)
  • Watch (348)
  • Status: In Review

The bad news still is that Linden Lab has not not responded to this yet after a month. It would be nice if a Linden at the lab could at least give the SL community a update about this.

Also check out SLJiraStats which aggregates statistics and data from the Second Life Jira site. Shows hot topics, hated bugs, wanted features, graphs and more.