Rod Humble interview with design3

Rod Humble talks about games design, development and Second Life in this recent interview with design3. I thought the interview was interesting and inspiring throughout the 8 minutes / 7 seconds of the video.

design3 got a chance to talk to Rod Humble at the UCSC ‘Inventing the Future of Games’ Symposium.

At 4 minutes in the video Rod Humble talks about Second Life which is always good to hear. Here are my favourite quotes from the interview below.

  • Rod says “I think what attracted me to Second Life is it was so unique”
  • “The economy is entirely driven by the players”
  • “Boy, that connected me”
  • “They care awful lot about that”
  • “I think that, to me it was this logical progression”
  • “Second Life was right there already”
At 4 minutes and 57 seconds the interviewer asks a question about the debate about video games being considered art.
  • Rod says “I think it’s over”
  • “I made games that I created”
  • “At this point you’re in a time machine business”
  • “It’s time machine time”
At 6 minutes the interviewer asks about what advice would Rod give to someone who is new to games development.
  • “I would say if you’re not a programmer then start with board games”
  • “You can make a game this weekend”
  • “It’s not hard”
  • “It is a learned skill”
  • “You don’t have to learn C++ to make a game anymore”
  • “There’s tools out there like game maker, there’s dark basic, all these are very easy to use tools”
  • “Then you’re off to the races”
  • Rod says “I encourage everyone who likes games who thinks its interesting to do it and my hope is that there will be a bunch of ideas”

At the end of the video the interviewer asks Rod what one word he would give to sum up video games design. Rod says “Glorious” which is a great word to use I think.


Two Grendel’s Children sims closed down

Yesterday I heard the shocking news that two of the four Grendel’s Children sims will be closing in Second Life. Today it appears those two sims that closed down have already been sold. The downsizing is due to a lack of support from Linden Lab which is sad to hear about. The good news is that Grendel’s Children will still remain on the grid.

Above: Snapshot of the Grendel’s Children inside and hovering in the sky. 

Grendel’s Children is one of my favourite places to buy fantastic high quality avatars and you have probably noticed that when you see me in world or via online SL snapshots. I enjoy changing my avatar appearance monthly because each avatar I wear has the WOW factor I think. When I visit Grendel’s Children I’m amazed at all the awesome creativity there is when browsing through the different ranges of avatars on the walls.

Above: Snapshot of the Grendel’s 4 regions with two appearing offline/closed

I first heard about Grendel’s during my transfer phrase back in December 2008 and I remember visiting Grendel’s during my first week on the main grid of Second Life. In 2009, 2010 and 2011 I have told new residents to visit Grendel’s for amazing avatars because it has a huge presence in Second Life. I have been to a few Show and Tell events which were fascinating and interesting to hear about how it was made.

I don’t know if you have but I have noticed a big increase of well known sims and landmarks disappear from Second Life this year which is very heart breaking and sad news.

View my snapshots of Grendel’s here