Which social networking site is your favourite for Second Life in 2011?

Now 8 months into 2011 with social networks growing every month i’m wondering which social network is your favourite for Second Life activities in 2011 ?. Vote Below!

I asked this same question a year ago and received a different set of results shown below. It’s going to be interesting this time to see if there is a comparison between the two years.



Fredrik Linden is leaving Linden Lab this friday

Fredrik Linden has announced this week that he will be departing Linden Lab this friday. Fredrik Linden the director of software engineering has been with Linden Lab for 1.5 years and now he’s ready to move on “I’m off to new adventures” – says Fredrik.

Fredrik worked on the SL social profiles at the lab and hosted social user group meetings inworld. It now looks like Nya Linden will be taking over the social user group meetings starting next week.  I wish Fredrik the best of luck for the future.