Hogwarts: Your Story new role play sim opening soon

22nd August Update

We are pleased to announce that the Hogwarts: Your Story sim will be open for a public preview at 6PM-9AM SLT

The preview will last from August 22nd to August 27th to the public. We are awaiting more details on when the sim will open for RP

We look forward to seeing and meeting you there!

I recently heard of Hogwarts: Your Story sim will be opening soon in Second Life. The official opening will be in early September 2011 apparently. However this is subject to change. Salvatore Otoro shares many wonderful snapshots during a recent tour and it’s worth checking out those preview photos to get some idea of what it looks like.

I’m a big fan of Harry Potter in real life and watched all the harry potter movies. I can’t wait to see it and go there!

`Hogwarts Prevails is the most realistic Harry Potter based wizarding Role Play Game (RPG) in Second Life. Set 40 years in the future of the Potterverse, come experience the magic of Hogwarts and Hogsmeade for yourself! + Photo Studio

The preview snapshots of the sims look amazing and wonderful. Here is a picture of the harry potter sims from the SL map.

A interesting World Of Hogwarts Ad from 2008.

Check out http://www.plurk.com/hogwartsyourstory for more info!


2011 BURN2 selects art and theme camps from submissions

As many know BURN2 festival this year starts on 1st October through to the 9th of October 2011 in Second Life. Check out the BURN2 Timeline as the clock continues to tick down until BURN2 2011.

Emcee Widget who is on the BURN2 communications side of things has released this immediate release, announcing details about BURN2 selecting art and theme camps from submissions. 40 days left until the BURN 2011. YAY!

For Immediate Release

BURN 2 selects art and theme camps from submissions.

Burning Man- Deep Hole, August 20, 2011 – As BURN2 starts up, one of the most looked forward to pre-BURN announcements of the selections for juried theme camps and art plots. BURN2 follows the BURNING MAN 10 principles and gifts plots on the virtual ePlaya to groups who have submitted proposals to the BURN2 Art Team. These groups will be amazing us, engaging us, and energizing the ePlaya with their work Oct 1 – 9 when BURN2 opens Gate Road!

So with a textual drum roll we would like to announce the selectees for the 2011 BURN2 Burn!

*Cosmic Circusality* by The ChangHigh Sisters Fireshow of Light, Life and Love, Yman Juran


*Skelly-Mer*, Maya Paris

*Verisimo*, Cienega Soon

We are very excited to see what these camps and art installations look like! We aren’t giving out exactly what these camps will be..just that we think they will be amazing!

We want to thank EVERYONE who submitted an application for one of the plots. Your ideas ARE AMAZING. You made it incredibly difficult! We want to encourage you to grab your own plot now and build that camp! If you need sponsors to get that plot please reach out to us info@burn2.org and we will give you a few suggestions!

There is a BIG announcement still to come..who are the Invited Artists of the BURN???!! What ART has the ART team found in SL, new discoveries, new expressions, things that make you laugh, cry, weep, or put on your dust mask? Stay tuned..that announcement is coming shortly!

About BURN2: BURN2 follows BURNING MAN’s 10 Principles to spread Burning Culture through volunteerism and the celebration of Community, Art, and Fire on the virtual ePlaya. A place for SL residents and Burners alike to radically participate in one of the most loved events in Second Life.


Emcee Widget

BURN2 Communications



Philip Rosedale talks about Second Life

Check out this fascinating new video featuring Philip Rosedale, the founder of Second Life, talking about the birth and the future of the virtual world of Second Life.

Runs for 1 hour, 36 minutes & 33 seconds. It’s worth watching and during the event there are Q&As in front of a live audience.