Abbotts Aerodrome saved by Cheshyr Pontchartrain

Really good news to hear that Cheshyr Pontchartrain will be saving Abbotts Aerodrome from complete closure in Second Life. Abbotts Aerodrome is Second Life’s second oldest airport and is well known on the grid. Note that the name will be changing as well.

Cheshyr Pontchartrain wrote recently on Cubey’s blog post called All good things saying that:

Fear not, I’ve made arrangements to purchase and preserve the airport for Novatech. The airport name and vendors will change, per Cubey’s request, but the airport will remain open to the public, and give new airplane makers a chance to spread their wings.

Today Cubey wrote on NWN blog post about the airport being saved saying this:

I’m very pleased that Cheshyr will be preserving the structure and land. I’m sorry to say that, functionally, it won’t be Abbotts Aerodrome, in that it won’t have the same name or content (besides the buildings and runway etc.). On the other hand, Cheshyr will refresh the site with new content and will undoubtedly be able to devote more time and creativity than I’ve been able to spare lately.

So while I’m sad to end my work in Abbotts, at the same time, I’m looking forward to seeing how Cheshyr revitalizes the airport.

Wonderful news and it’s going to be interesting to see what Cheshyr will revamp in the future at the airport.


Top 20 old teen grid historical places to visit

Check out my top 20 old teen grid historical places to visit. Many remaining old places still exist today from the Teen Grid beta period and after the merger back in January 2011. These historical places are worth exploring!


1. TG Multimedia Stage – Lindens hosted townhall meetings, office hours with teen residents and special events. Created in June 2006.

2. The Coffee Scene –  The very first and most popular hangout during early TG beta. Lindens hosted trivia, parties and more. The teen grid stress test party was hosted on 31st July 2005. Linden Lab hosted parties for teens transferring from 2005 to late 2006. Created in March 2005.

3. 3rd TSL Birthday Touch – Created by Linden Lab to celebrate Teen Grid’s third birthday celebrations. Created in June 2006.

4. TG Welcome Area – Card, Nix, Pullman and Lewis. Starting point for new teen residents after the going through TG Orientation Island. Created in February 2006.

5. Nix Amphitheater –  Oldest stage on the TG for new teen residents to hang out and have fun. Created in April 2005.

6. Jetskiis and Bumper Boats – Used for teen residents to have fun on the water in Nix. Created in August 2005.

7. Rainier rezzing area – One of the snow regions featuring rezzing area, snowballs, bonfire, ice-skating and chair lift. Used for TG Winterfest events and snowball fighting in 2007/2008. Rainier created in TG beta.

8. The Nix Bazaar – Oldest freebies area on the Teen Grid that still exists. Created in Mid 2006.

9. TG Orientation Stations – Old Japanese-styled orientation station for SL basics used for new teen residents. Created in August 2005.

10. Behemoth – Home of one of the founders of the Teen Grid, Malarthi Behemoth. Behemoth region was one of the first TG resident sims on the teen grid. There is a dog House with snoopy outside, a simple tent and lots of trees. Created during 2005.

11. Oasis Shopping Center – Oasis is a shopping center in a desert in TSL created by Linden Lab during TSL beta. Created in early 2005. There was a Basics Store for freebies which was removed this year and a small Linden Class Land which was removed in 2007. Today only a store and water controlled water fountain remains.

12. TG Tutorial Island – Features Self-Guided, Self-Paced, Comprehensive Tutorials and more inside the Ivory Tower. There is a sandbox, instructor stage and texture tutorials on a hill. Created in July 2006.

13. TG Gravity Space Station – View space and earth here.  Created by Linden Lab during TSL beta.

14. I-World Village – Old TG Offices created by I-World Team in January 2008 that used to host weekly office hours. Today the TSL Linden Village is abandoned after the merger. Nearby there is a underwater office that Blue Linden created in 2007. Nearby there are old remaining Linden areas like the V-Team HQ building, small mentor area, Harry’s crash site, Harry’s GoKarts and a sandbox.

15. LL Announcement Billboard – Used for daily announcements from Linden Lab in the early days of TSL.

16. Bleu Rig – A very old oil rig created by Linden Lab in 2007.

17. Pump Station – Secret Hangout can be found here. Created in the early days of TSL.

18. TG Cornfield – A way for Linden Lab to punish offenders in the early days of Second Life. Nearby there is a Plane Club and old Tako boats. Created in April 2006.

19. TG Laser Tag – A very old arena where you can take part in a fast-paced combat with Laser Tag rifles. Created in early 2005. Nearby there is a TG maze created in TG beta and a TG governance team office area created in august 2008.

20. Teen Grid Event Area – Great place to party. Lindens hosted a few parties during 2006 and 2007. Created in the early days of TSL.