SL community raise $9,227.71 for Beth Odets brain surgery


  • 12:13pm SLT: $12,804.73 USD have been raised – 8th August 2011


Earier this month NWN published a blog post called Beth Odets, Longtime SL Community Leader & Artist, Needs Brain Surgery IRL. Since then there have been lot’s of donations from the Second Life community for a great cause. The latest update is that the Second Life community have raised $9,227.71 for Beth Odets brain surgery which is incredible.

Beth Odets, a longtime Second Life community leader, artist, and musician, is undergoing brain surgery to remove a tumor, and her friend Eshi Otawara, a famed fashion designer, has discounted some of her widely-admired designs to help cover the costs of the operation.

It’s really nice to the SL community help to donate for RL causes and this shows again anything is possible. I’m sure this amazing donation will go along way to help Beth with her brain surgery. I wish her all the best with the recovery of the brain surgery.


Update from Dirk Mckeenan about SLCC 2011

Watch this video featuring Dirk Mckeenan talking about SLCC 2011 as final preparations are taking place right now. SLCC 2011 starts this Friday the 12th through to Sunday 14th August 2011. Visit for more info about SLCC 2011. 🙂

Dirk Mckeenan answers alot of good questions from the SL community on SLCC 2011 during this video. It’s going to be interesting to find out what Rod Humble (Rodvik Linden) has to say this Saturday at 1pm PDT because it’s his first year attending SLCC. I’m interested in the Mesh session that will be happening on Saturday at 9:30am PDT  hosted by Charlar Linden and Nyx Linden.

Other SLCC 2011 Links 

What are you most looking forward to watching at SLCC 2011 ?