Brinda Allen has passed away in her sleep

Sad news that Brinda Allen, resident of Second Life has passed away in her sleep this morning on 11th August 2011. RIP Brinda┬á­čśŽ


Plurk, Twitter and Facebook most popular favourites for SL social networking 2011

After one week of SL residents voting┬áPlurk, Twitter and Facebook are the leading the way for this year’s most popular favourite social networks SL poll. These are the most popular sites that SL residents hang out and┬ásocialize with each other. Still Plurk, Twitter and Facebook remains good places to find out the latest news etc from the Second Life community.

This year there were 211 votes in total and Plurk wins the number one spot with 60.85% (129 votes). Followed by Twitter in 2nd place with 9.43% (20 votes) and in third place Facebook with 7.08% (15 votes). Last year Plurk won by 65% (41 votes), followed by Twitter in 2nd place with 14% (9 votes) and in 3rd place came Avatars United with 10% (6 votes).

Here are the results of the favourite SL social network poll 2011:


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