Rod Humble at SLCC 2011 highlights

For the first time Rod Humble (Rodvik Linden) attended SLCC 2011 and held a keynotes address which started at around 1pm SLT on Saturday 13th August 2011 about the Future of Second Life. I thought the keynote address by Rod was very positive, interesting and that he did a great job at answering SL questions. There was at least 60 avatars in the SLCC regions this year with more than 50 attendees in the crowd in the ballroom at SLCC 2011 along with alot of viewers in the SLCC ustream chat window.

Watch Again Here or click below to view Rod Humble’s Keynote Address at SLCC 2011.

I think after the keynotes address many residents said they were impressed and happy with the announcements. There was alot of excitement and buzz on Plurk, Twitter and inworld during the keynotes speech. Always great to see!

Top 10 announcements

  1. 16, 000 new sign-ups daily for Second Life now
  2. Linden Lab currently working on other new products as well as Second Life
  3. New Linden-made area coming soon
  4. New offers for premium accounts
  5. New improvements to Viewer 2 UI soon
  6. Linden Lab working on marketing campaign for SL to bring in more traffic
  7. Linden Lab working on protection of user’s intellectual property also voice and facial recognition
  8. Linden Lab working on addressing the mobile and tablet market
  9. New features coming soon: groups, new products & group chat / new changes: reducing lag and improving customer service
  10. Best way to contact Rod is through his SL profile and Twitter account

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This is a image uploaded by the Second Life team showing Rod Humble talking to the SLCC 2011 crowd below.

What did you think of Rod Humble’s keynotes speech at SLCC 2011 ? 


SLCC 2011 Day 2 live coverage updates

8am SLT – Small delay at the start. A great presentation by rik panganiban in the SLCC ballroom today. Around 60-70 people attended in the ballroom and there was at least 60 avatars inworld watching the live keynote.

Rik@ We’re running a few minutes late for my keynote, as people filter in, for those following along virtually. apologies.

SLCC@ rik comes running in wearing shades, while “we build this city” is blasting from the speakers. Come on down for his keynote!

SLCC@ Rik’s slides will also be posting to slideshare and after keynote!

rikomatic@ Had a fun time keynoting at @SLCC to a real world, virtual world and web audience. Thanks for coming!

9am SLT – rik ends by answering questions and session ends.

9:40am SLT – Mesh keynotes underway on live now hosted by Charlar Linden and Nyx Linden on the mesh panel. More than 40 avatars at the Fox Theater – Developers & OpenSource inworld. Interesting mesh presentation!

draxtor@ #slmesh panel with Charlar and Nyx – first row RL, first row

draxtor@Charlar: “I have no desire to see prims go away” correction: Runitai obviously at #slmesh panel #SLCC

Opensource@ #SLViewer 3 Beta with support for 3D model import being shown right now at Second Life Convention #slcc

Inara Pey@ Highly-detailed 52-PE house with scripted doors, & with windows, rooms, etc., shown by Charlar

10:30am SLT – mesh session ends!

11am SLT – Destination Guide & Beyond New SL Promotional Channels keynotes is taking place hosted by Brett Linden. Live on >

Check out my latest SLCC post for Rodvik’s keynotes speech!


More updates will be appear here during the day

SLCC 2011 In-World Mixer event

The party started yesterday at the Ying Yang Conference Center in the SLCC 2 region with a mix of inworld residents attending. Check out these snapshots of the in-world mixer party event below. I think everyone had a great time and it was a good way to start things off with.

The party kicks off in the Ying Yang Conference area

Glow particles appears in the dark

I’m the dancing robot!