Morning of drama about phishing site on Twitter

Overnight it looked like Twitter sent out a phishing/dangerous link to almost all of my friends saying “you’re in this blog..” with a link to click that redirects you to a malicious/suspicious page. If you receive this do not click on it!

Twitter phishing attack spreads via Direct Messages

The cause of this seems to be there’s a scam going on on Twitter currently

#Alert —Do NOT click “you’re in this blog” —Latest #scam from hijacked #Twitter accounts

The good news is that my account was not hacked and no damage was done to any of my SL sites. This happened over night when I was sleeping so I was not a happy bunny when I received word about it this morning.

Thanks very much about informing me about this. Much appreciated!


4 thoughts on “Morning of drama about phishing site on Twitter

  1. The bad news is, that having received this when it was late, and I was groggy, I did click on it. Then, it sent me to a page that looked EXACTLY like the twitter login page (but at – I noticed too late). And having this note from a known blogger, and it being so late, I fell for it and logged in (I wasn’t logged in, so it made sense that I would have to login).

    A week on Twitter, and I fell for a phishing scam, something I NEVER have done. There it is. I luckily noticed something didn’t seem right pretty fast, and when and changed all my passwords in various places. I hope. But if anyone out there gets crap from me, please alert me to this fact.


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