New InWorldz website look

The InWorldz team have done a great job in the new look InWorldz website this week. Looks great! 

Check out the new redesign website today!

Here’s the old look InWorldz website


Trying out Firestorm Beta 2

The Phoenix team has now released Firestorm Beta 2 to download and try out. Beta 2 includes new build tools, viewer 1 group profiles, anti griefer tools, quick prefs, new windlight settings, performance improvements and lot’s more. Check out the Firestorm Beta 2 – Change Log for more details. This release for Windows was a 25.2MB download and the public release will be released soon. Mesh integration will start very soon as well which should be interesting. Give Firestorm a try. It’s great!

The new Quick Preferences button is a really handy shortcut I think. Features: max bandwidth, draw distance, max particles, max node size, LOD Factor, Max Avatars, Height offset and sky windlight settings.

The added griefer protection feature from Animation grabbers: Prefs> Firestorm> Protection tab. 

Checking out the new V1 style group profile window.

There’s more exciting things to try out in the Firestorm Beta 2 release and for me it was good to try out this latest beta release. The performance was good on my pc and I like the many features Firestorm offers. 🙂