LL SL Forums & Answers posts are declining each month

It looks like the amount of total SL Forums/SL Answers posts are slowly declining, according to the daily Forum Post Counts site which tracks post counts for each SL site. Perhaps we may see good growth later in the year with all the new features Linden Lab have been/yet to come features into the official Second Life Forums.

SLUniverse Forums posts are increasing each month and more members are joining every month there. Other well SL community forums seem to be going at a good steady pace. Many SL residents enjoy reading and writing feedback on lots of interesting topics.

Check out post counts by month for 2011 so far and the latest graph shows a big drop in numbers since early 2011.

March: 19, 983 posts

April: 14, 514 posts

May : 13, 633 posts

June : 10, 292 posts

Now that’s compare that to SLUniverse Forums which seems to be popular each month with the SL community.
Threads: 57, 615, Posts: 1, 302, 129, Members: 17, 827
Total posts 65, 973 | Total topics 6, 965 | Total members 3, 016
gotVirtual Forums current statistics.
Discussions: 2, 021
Messages: 98, 017
Members: 260
Second Citizen MK II current statistics.
Threads: 13, 873, Posts: 378, 119, Members: 2, 322, Active Members: 175

Which SL Forum do you use if any ? 


New SL profile maturity levels in search results

It looks like Linden Lab have added profile maturity levels to all Second Life resident profiles in search results. There are three tick boxes top right where you filter which maturity levels you want to have on/off. Linden Lab did not let us know about maturity levels in their recent July Update blog post. Learn about Maturity Ratings here. I was using Viewer 2.7.5 beta to view these results.

The Maturity levels 

  • General – Suitable for all ages
  • Moderate – Some mature content
  • Adult – Restricted to ages 18 and up

Here is a screenshot of Adult & Moderated switched on. (filter results)

Here is a screenshot with all maturity boxes ticked.