SLUniverse passes the 1.3 million posts milestone

Cristiano Diaz, the owner of has announced today on the SLUniverse Forums that the site now has over 1.3 million posts which is fantastic news for the SL community. SLU was first launched on November 12th, 2003 and it will celebrate it’s 8th birthday in November 2011. Yay!

 1.3 Million Posts

I have a thing for noting milestones, and SLU crossed another one this week. The site now has over 1.3 million posts, a little over 3 months after crossing 1.2 million and 10 months after crossing 1 million. 
Previous milestones for SLU..

Zindra weekly Lady Godiva sightseeing route tours

Zindra have been running weekly fun Lady Godiva procession once a week starting at 11am SLT on Saturdays in Second Life. The procession starts from Broadwater region into nearby regions across the SL mainland. It’s a new exciting fun ‘sightseeing route’ if you want to do something new in Second Life today. Join the Lady Godiva in Zindra group inworld to keep updated on the latest event happenings.

Second Life residents can parade across the adult mainland of Zindra using the rideable, driveable vehicle of their choice

This event promotes ZEXPO 2011 and the Zindra community on the grid.

IM Janicka Engineer who leads the parade for more details.