SL8B week 2 highlights

This week was the last week to explore the SL8B exhibits around the birthday sims. The SL8B gates closed around midnight on Saturday 2nd July 2011 to the public and now the exhibitors will be taking down their SL8B builds during the next few days.

Exhibitors then have till 11.59pm July 5th to pick up their builds. After that, everything on the sims will be returned. If you don’t want your exhibit  returned to your lost and found as one large lump, please pick up your build on the 2rd, 4th or 5th of July.

SL8B builds will be auto-returned during next week and then the SL8B birthday sims will go offline later. This week I have been checking out areas that I didn’t visit last week and overall its been great fun this year. Linden Lab plan to release this year’s SL8B statistics sometime next week so that will be interesting to find out. SL9B countdown has started!

Week 2 recap links

Look back at previous redesigns of the Second Life profiles

Since the early days of Second Life to present Linden Lab have been redesigning and launching new editions of SL profile interfaces. Check out current-past screenshots of Second Life profiles below.

June/July 2011

Trying out the new look demo SL profile this month. Linden Lab are currently beta testing this!

January 2011

Check out Viewer 2 profile sidebar version and the web-based sl profile version.

August 2009

The old online SL profile look

April 2008

Viewer 1 sl profile look

November 2007

Check out the blue SL dazzle profile 

It’s amazing the amount of times Linden Lab have changed the SL profiles and i’m sure the trend will continue to happen in years to come. It’s good to keep/view these screenshots for SL historical reasons I think. 🙂