OSGrid’s 4th birthday celebrations

Happy 4th Birthday OSGrid!

OSGrid (Open Simulator Grid) will be celebrating it’s 4th birthday in the Metaverse this weekend. The event starts on Friday 22nd July and will continue through to Monday 25th of July 2011. There will be singers, performers, bands and more entertaining things happening during the weekend.

Check out the OSG4B Celebration Planning and Schedules.

OSGrid’s 4th Birthday! This is the celebration of OSGrid’s 4th year in the Metraverse. There will likely be a multitude of different events happening over the few days 



Morning of drama about phishing site on Twitter

Overnight it looked like Twitter sent out a phishing/dangerous link to almost all of my friends saying “you’re in this blog..” with a link to click that redirects you to a malicious/suspicious page. If you receive this do not click on it!

Twitter phishing attack spreads via Direct Messages

The cause of this seems to be there’s a scam going on on Twitter currently

#Alert —Do NOT click “you’re in this blog” —Latest #scam from hijacked #Twitter accounts

The good news is that my account was not hacked and no damage was done to any of my SL sites. This happened over night when I was sleeping so I was not a happy bunny when I received word about it this morning.

Thanks very much about informing me about this. Much appreciated!