Reached 1000 blog posts milestone

This is my 1000th blog post!

This is a big milestone for me to reach the 1000 blog posts milestone on my blog today

I started blogging about Teen Grid at first back in December 2007, then from December 2008, I focused more on Second Life news and events. I reached the 500 blog posts milestone in mid-September 2009, which was another great achievement for me.

I hope that everyone has enjoyed reading my blog over the years and here’s to another 1000 blog posts and more in the future about SL. WOOOT!

  • 188, 222 total views so far
  • 300-400 daily average views 
  • Alot of blog coverage 😀
Thanks! 🙂

Bring back last names in SL – vote now

I recently heard of a JIRA called Bring Back Last Name Options!, created by Harlow Heslop. So far there have been 593 votes and 148 watching the progress of the JIRA.

We will have to see if Linden Lab will make a comment in the coming days which would be nice.

I voted and commented saying bring back last names and many others agree it should come back. Hopefully LL won’t close this and will take notice.

Here is the description of bringing back last names in Second Life:

In hopes of Linden Lab taking notice in the many Second Life Residents who would like the options of last names when creating a username in SL, I have created this JIRA! So many of us wish for the option of originality like we once had and hope that new residents in the Second Life community would be given this option.

Many people have expressed interest in having the option of choosing from a list of last names but also being able to choose “Resident” as their last name if they want to. So many of us believe that one of the best aspects of Second Life is the ability to be original in our virtual world and by being able to pick a last name we are able to find identity and originality!

If this is a feature you would like to see brought back to the Second Life Grid please consider voting on this JIRA!  We love all the new features that Linden Lab has brought our way the past few months, but taking away the option of a last name, in our opinion was a mistake. Now often times the name people want is taken and they are forced to use numbers within their username, resulting in what looks like an instant messaging screen name.

This being said, we do also love the feature of being able to change our names in world. Keeping that option is great, especially for those in family settings within the Second Life Community! We simply would love to have the option to have a last name choice once again when creating an SL avatar! It makes will in turn, hopefully make the community feel less divided between the older residents and the newer ones. I know many new residents have expressed interest in wishing they would have had the option of a fun last name like the rest of us!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and casting your vote!

If you like for this to happen then vote now. I will publish more if this JIRA develops further with the lab.