InWorldz hits 40,000 registered users

InWorldz has now reached the 40, 000 registered residents milestone which is great news. Congratulations!!!


InWorldz previously reached the 30, 000 residents milestone on 2nd February 2011. The 25, 000 residents milestone was reached on 12th December 2010. Amazing and i’m sure we will see more InWorldz milestones in the near future. 😀

This year InWorldz continues to be popular and a favourite place to visit among the SL community. There’s been alot of exciting things happening at InWorldz so far including a brand new website look, the phlox rollout and the birthday bash celebrations back in March 2011. And i’m sure there’s still loads in the pipeline for Inworldz this year.


Update on recent SL place closures

As of 15th July 2011:
  • Alien Isle sim closed down in early July 2011
  • Lost Gardens of Apollo closed down on 26th June 2011
  • Antiquity sims will continue
  • Imagine Plus region closed down earlier this year
  • The Minoan Empire region is still active today
  • The Crooked House was saved at the last minute 
  • The SL Globe Theatre & nearby sims still appear to be active today 
  • ElvenMyst region still appears to be active today 
  • Numbakulla region still appears to be active today
  • In October 2011 AM Radio sims will be closing down which will be sad news after running for along time in Second Life. 
Other well known places have also shut down during 2011 including..
  • The Gnubie Store – Early January 2011
  • Space Destiny Island – Late February 2011
  • Imagine Peace sim – Early May 2011

And there’s probably more that have closed down / been saved this year.

Firestorm has surpassed LL V1.23 viewer usage

Jessica Lyon who is the Project Manager of the Phoenix Viewer Project has announced on the Phoenix Viewer official blog that Firestorm has now surpassed LL Viewer 1.23 viewer usage which is pretty awesome.

Yesterday we received word from LL that Firestorm has surpassed LL V1.23 viewer usage both in time spent as well as distinct users. This moves Firestorm Viewer into 3rd place on the Second Life grid by way of usage.

Firestorm code base..

However, while Firestorm can be made to resemble the Phoenix viewer relatively easily… Phoenix it is not, nor is it V1. Firestorm is a new viewer based on the LL v2 code base, and is still in it’s infancy in relation to what we have planned. 

Update on members of the team..

Currently, we have 54 members on our team, broken down that’s 16 developers and 38 support members providing you with support in 8 different languages.

Congratulations Firestorm and keep up the good work!