Oz Linden says “days rather than weeks” for Mesh microrelease

This week Oz Linden has said that Linden Lab will be starting the long awaited roll-out of the mesh-code to support mesh starting “in days rather than weeks” on the main grid of Second Life. Visit the Mesh Live Volunteers SL wiki page for more details and this page has just recently been created by Linden Lab.

Check out these interesting tweets by Opensource Obscure about the Mesh microrelease…

If all goes according to the PLAN, we should be able to use Mesh on a few Main Grid regions tomorrow. #SecondLife (via meeting w/ OzLinden)
Mesh microrelease on a very small number of regions in “days rather than weeks” according to Oz Linden at Snowstorm dailymeeting #secondlife

Opensource Obscure said this in comments on Tateru Nino’s blog post about the mesh rollout saying that..

I think a new mesh viewer release will be used in this early Main Grid mesh testing phase;
it seems Vir Linden is setting up the first release candidate:

Latif Khalifa wrote this comment on Tateru Nino’s blog post about the mesh rollout saying that..

There are 3 release candidate “channels”, each consisting of about 10% of all the SL regions, and the main channel with the remaining 70%.

Server release team said that they will not rollout mesh to a full RC channel, but first create a micro-channel with a very limited number of region. If all goes well, it will go to a RC channel, and then to the full grid.

Snapshot of Oz Linden this afternoon at his office location in SL at Hippotropolis.

More coverage of Mesh and progress updates soon on my blog. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Oz Linden says “days rather than weeks” for Mesh microrelease

  1. Lets hope that means the Bigger Prim sizes come at the same time.
    Personally I am more excited about that as I could rebuild my sim and free up more prims.
    Mastering mesh is something that will take me a while.


  2. Daniel, pls check your Twitter account and maybe FB – five people tonight have received dubious DMs from “you” on Twitter, with a link that is flagged as malicious by both Twitter and Google, and leads to a site that throws red alarm warnings and engages all my browser armor. I have a copy of the DM to me but similar ones have gone out –

    you’re in this blog…. http://MALICIOUS LINK
    danielvoyager, [+] Wed Jul 21:49 via Direct Message

    also Boudica and Mark received this DM and several others.

    dunno your email or I’d email you…


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