Special podcast this friday about the new SL Go app

Tomorrow on Friday 7th March 2014 show #9 will be available of the drax files radio hour and this week it’s a special show covering everything to know about the new launched SL Go by OnLive app.

A deep discussion with two senior OnLive engineers and managers talking about iOS versions coming soon and what the pricing is among other interesting things. Tune in and listen to the new special podcast hosted by Drax with Jo.

Poll: Will you be using SL Go app ?

Pros and Cons of SL Go app 


  • The app has potential in the future
  • Second Life in full 3D on mobile and tablet devices
  • Second Life in high quality on low specs
  • Second Life in the cloud is brilliant
  • Looks beautiful and runs really well
  • Speeds over 50 FPS with a 512-meter draw distance and comes with Wi-Fi or 4G/LTE
  • Great way of connecting with friends, attending events and visiting places


  • Costs too much
  • The free trial period needs to be longer (7 days/30 days) or it should be dropped completely
  • iOS is not supported at the moment
  • Limited to a tiny amount of countries and platforms
  • Other alternatives are already out there at lower cost/free like Lumiya
  • No SL voice supported at the moment
  • No saving snapshots to disk
  • Need a fast broadband connection (3mb+)


  • Make the app free or for a one time fee (low-cost)
  • Make the app compatible with iOS devices and more platforms
  • Continue to develop the app on a regular basis with new improvements and releases
  • Add a grid manager to visit opensim grids

Roundup of SL Go blog coverage

Roundup of SL Go app forum coverage

What are your views about the new SL Go by OnLive app ?

Good /Bad / Suggestions are welcomed! 🙂 


4 thoughts on “Special podcast this friday about the new SL Go app

  1. So, Eb’s answer to LL/SL’s many, many, many, self-inflicted wounds is to promote a browser that is priced so high that no more than a handful of people will use it and to open up the JIRA again. Wow!! What a way to not hit the ground running… Everyone knows LL/SL’s major problem is tier pricing, grandfathered regions, and the Atlas program(landbarons and selected others get major discounts on tier – double digit discounts which never go away). Discounts on setup fees is one thing for someone buying a bunch of regions. I could see that. But permanent discounts on tier to a few selected region owners is crony capitalism and most SL landowners know it. That’s why over time as folks wise up to the rigged economic game that is SL, the number of region owner grows smaller with more and more control given over to the top landowners(landbarons). This is and has been the major problem within LL/SL and the uppity ups refuse to acknowledge it or even to discuss it. Major Fail! And this is why “new boss same as the old boss”.


  2. Too expensive if on a metered pay system. This is the same reason I don’t bother looking at Kitely.
    Metered internet died in the 1990s.
    Put the app up for sale, or go free and use some other revenue model. The potential change it can make to SL is such that LLs should consider buying them out and just putting it on the download page, then hosting the servers needed on their own.


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