New episode #8 of the Drax Files radio hour is out

On Friday 28th February 2014 show 8 of the Drax Files radio hour went out which is always interesting and fascinating to listen to each week. Drax and Jo do an excellent job on sharing the biggest Second Life news stories from the week. Please spread the word about the drax files radio hour and Drax files monthly series. Thanks! 🙂

Radio Hour discussion topics on show #8

  • Private Estates is growing
  • Orientation experience
  • New Zipper viewer
  • Bitcoin exchange is offline
  • Interview with Drax Pamela
  • And lot’s more

If you have a topic of interest then please contact Drax to be part of the show.

The Drax Files 

Episode 17 went out this week of The Drax Files featuring Zachh Barkley who is the king of magic as Drax puts it at the start of this episode. Watch to see the great wizard in action and to see someone who is really engaged in content creation in Second Life. The episode runs for 5 minutes  full of magical footage.

See below for info on Episode 17 of The Drax Files 

“The vision is in the player’s hands: it is what you see and what you bring to the world!”.

Zachh Barkley is a 21-year entrepreneur [and self-described magic fanatic] who easily could – like some of his peers – play video games all day and goof off killing virtual monsters.

Instead he opted to surround himself with capable collaborators at this young age, learn as much as he can about 3D modeling, scripting and marketing, all this with one goal in mind: to shape the digital world just as so many other global residents of Second Life before him.

That bringing virtual enjoyment to thousands of avatars all over the world from his humble apartment in Madison, Wisconsin makes him a pretty penny may seem to some like magic, but at the end of the day – it is simple ingenuity & passion at work!

Enjoy a journey into a universe full of wonder and…some loud spells!

I can’t wait for the next episode of the two shows. Great work as usual!