SL Winter Games delayed until December 2014

East River Community announced on Thursday 20th March that the first ever SL Winter Games are being postponed until December 2014. The delay is due to extenuating circumstances and the decision was made to move it back to the end of 2014. The SL Winter Games were due to take place in mid-March 2014.

As much as it pains me to have to say, the Winter Games are being postponed until December of this year. Initially, they had been postponed one week, due to some extenuating circumstances, but after much deliberation, they’ve been moved back to December. To be completely honest, I might have been too ambitious, with my initial date of mid-March. This being my first major event, I might have tried to rush things a bit. But I must say, people have really rallied around this concept, and we have got some really special things to show you for the Games.

It’s not known in terms of dates when the SL Winter Games will take place during December 2014 so we will have to wait for now. The positive side is that the sims are ready and the builders have done a great job at creating the SL Winter Games venues.