The launch of SL Go mobile app

SL Go, by OnLive

Today just after 9am SLT, Linden Lab announced news of an exciting new service for Second Life users called SL Go which is now in open beta. The first ever Second Life mobile app runs on Android devices and soon it will be available for iOS devices. The app is available for UK, US and Canadian residents currently. New users sign up here.

OnLive, the leader in cloud gaming, today released an exciting new service for Second Life users. SL Go, now in open beta, is a mobile Second Life viewer for Android that delivers a fully immersive desktop-like experience on tablets.

With SL Go, you can experience Second Life from anywhere you have Wi-Fi or 4G connectivity, with ultra high-quality graphics, full shaders, shadows, and the Advanced Lightning Model on Android devices. Not only can you get high-quality graphics on a low-powered device, but you also don’t have to sacrifice frame rate or draw distance for high fidelity inworld explorations. Thanks to super-fast gigabit connections with OnLive’s high-performance gaming servers, objects and textures rez quickly when logging in and teleporting. OnLive has clocked the SL Go viewer at upwards of 200 fps set to Ultra with Maximum Render Distance, allowing people to participate in events, engage in combat games, and generally enjoy immersion in Second Life at a level never before possible on a mobile device.

With SL Go, OnLive has brought touchscreen interaction to the Second Life experience, but if you prefer keyboard and mouse, you can opt to connect these devices and interact with your friends in the same way you always have. SL Go gives you access to edit menus, inventory, preference settings and chat management just like the Second Life Viewer on your home computer.

See below for the official SL Go by OnLive homepage to sign up and to learn more about the new SL service.

SL Go app

Beta Testing 

A few months ago Linden Lab selected a handful of SL users to help test and review SL Go app. I kindly accepted the offer and helped out with input during the past few months. I didn’t know anything about the pricing side until today. I can understand why everyone wants it to be free and I agree it should be. 🙂


New SL Go app accounts get a free trial period of 20 minutes and after that time you will have to purchase for more time. The first 20 minutes will give you the chance to see what the SL Go app is all about. Experience Second Life in full 3D on tablet/mobile devices today.

  • $3.00 for one hour
  • $8.00 for three hours
  • $25.00 for ten hours

New Videos

Introducing SL Go

Introducing SL Go (, the best way to experience Second Life in full 3D on mobile devices. No expensive desktop computer needed—just connect and go on your tablet. Experience Second Life’s full visual performance when you’re away from your desktop. And thanks to OnLive’s state of the art data center, rez into your favorite sims faster than you ever thought possible. Sign up for a free trial at

Draxtor plays: SL GO [by OnLive] = Flufee builds…

Live Show

There will be a special Designing Worlds show in Second Life today at 2pm SLT with live coverage with guests which will be streamed on Aview. Teleport to the studio here (SLURL) and join in with the discussion about the new SL launched service.