2014 Giant Snail Cross Country Race in Second Life

Giant Snail Cross Country Race this Saturday

Giant Snail Races is having a RFL of Second Life cross country race across 37 sims this Saturday 15th March 2014 starting at 11am SLT. This is a chance to have fun racing as a giant snail to fight cancer at the same time donating money. There will be a number of arrows down the route pointing in the right direction until the finish line. All participating racers will receive a trophy to proudly display.

Grab a free Giant Snail avatar and join the fun this weekend! ūüôā


Giant Snail Racing 2014

Event details

Come buy a start position scarf for 2500 or 500 L grab a free giant snail avatar. You can mod your snail there are some extras there too get the pimp my snail kit. add your teams flags or whatever then on race day wear the start position scarf and it will give you a note card with a landmark to get you to your starting sim then . at 11:00 am we will start the race. just run down the road and turn at the big arrows and you will end up at the finish line.

For more details about the event, contact RacerX Gullwing inworld. Or visit the Devon Dream sim which is the home for Giant Snail Racing in Second Life. There are videos on Treet.TV featuring Giant Snail Racing in Second Life, see here.

2014 Giant Snail Race in Second Life

The first 10 shows of The Drax Files radio hour

There have now been 10 shows of the Drax Files radio hour that have aired hosted by Draxtor Despres and Jo Yardley with weekly guests. I think every show so far has been very informative, fascinating and interesting. The interviews have been really good and the show is getting bigger each week.

The shows are always up-to-date on what’s happening in Second Life and with Linden Lab in terms of announcements. Each week the show receives good feedback and new suggestions for future shows. I’m interested to see what comes next and I’m a big fan of the show.

On Demand

Listen again to the first 10 shows below and spread the word to friends. ūüôā

New Poll 

It’s a wonderful Second Life radio show in general and I strongly recommend everyone watching the weekly podcast which airs on Friday’s here. If you have something to say then contact the show via skype draxfiles, avatar draxfiles or email¬†radio@draxfiles.com.¬†

Keep up the great work¬†Draxtor and¬†Jo. ūüôā¬†