A visit to Chilbo in Second Life

Chilbo Map 2014

Today I went to explore Chilbo in Second Life which was founded in 2006 and it’s based on the mainland of Second Life. The Chilbo region has helpful information, nice builds to explore and freebies for visitors to enjoy.

Chilbo is a community of artists, architects, educators, musicians, parents, hobbyists, students, and people from around the world who share a common vision that our interactions and experiences in virtual worlds can have a positive impact on our real world and our real lives.

The Chilbo Town Hall was built-in early 2007 and it’s a good place to start once arrived in the region. There are posters, maps, information and historical stuff worth looking at inside the town hall.

Chilbo 2014

In front of the Chilbo Town Hall, the Chilbo Plaza is a place to meet and view news and information about arts, culture, and society in Second Life, as well as receive updates on the Chilbo Community.

There are many maps of Second Life and old maps of the Chilbo region upstairs in the town hall.

Chilbo 2014

Here is the Chilbo wall of great destinations to visit with information posters right next to the town hall.

Chilbo 2014

10 ways to support the Chilbo Community in 2014 and this is a great way of bringing in new visitors.

Chilbo 2014


My personal rating of Chilbo: 9/10 

5 thoughts on “A visit to Chilbo in Second Life

  1. I have visited Chilvo since 2007 and always found it fascinating for its huge possibilities for teachers network, thanks to bring this great community back in the news, do you mind if I do a report base in yours for a spanish virtual TV program that I produce?


  2. I spent some time living in Chilbo. Maggie Larimore (sp?) was so sweet and helpful. I enjoyed my time there. Always a nostalgic feeling visiting the areas that first were birthed so long ago. You can feel the remnants of love and enthusiasm. Still very informative and holds a community feel.

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  3. I’m Maggie Larimore in Second Life and I’d like to say thank you! I’m in the process of building a “Taste of Chilbo” freebie/destination guide store on the new VSTE Island, and I’ve been looking for information about how it was founded for a wall that will be dedicated to the community’s history. We were just starting to re-energize in early 2014 after Fleep’s (our main founder) shift of attention to Avacon and other projects, and things are continuing to look up. All of us who are “oldies” here and newcomers too feel a deep sense of gratitude to Fleep and the community’s original founders. And thanks to you guys for such a nice review. I’m so sorry I missed seeing it back then.

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