Furry Fair 2014 opens 1st March 2014

Furry Fair 2014

There are many interesting inworld fairs during the year in Second Life where hundreds of visitors buy nice stuff and explore wonderful fair regions. I received details about the upcoming Furry Fair which will be held on 1st March and will run until 31st March 2014 in Second Life.

The Furry Fair is created by PotPourri Markets, with collaboration of Athora Toxx (PIX’L). There will be plenty to discover during the Furry Fair 2014 including information about furries, live performances, shows and freebies.

If you are interested in the fair then there is a application form for merchants to fill out today which can be found here.

Important details and dates

* We ask not a lot of things…
– You choose what you want to give for the fee. (max 25 prims)
– A freebie to put in the shop
– To respect the theme (Furry)
– Only your own creations
– Less laggy script
– No objects or vendor outside the shop.

* Dates :
Deadline for the application : February 21
Sim open to the merchants : Februaru 22
Furry Fair Opening : March 1st
All shops have to be ready at February 27

More details will be released in the coming weeks on the Furry Fair blog. Stay tuned.