Rodvik Humble third rezday in Second Life

Rodvik Humble CEO of Linden Lab signed up to Second Life on the 11th of Janaury 2011 and today it marks his third rezday in Second Life. Since Rodvik joined back in 2011 there have been many new features, improvements and changes made to Second Life. The highlights are listed below for reference with snapshots of Rodvik between 2011 to 2013.


  • Teen Grid merged with Second Life main grid
  • The Second Life Community Platform
  • New Basic/Advanced modes in Viewer 2
  • Social Web Profiles
  • Mesh


  • Pathfinding alpha
  • Improved Avatar and Object Streaming speeds


  • CHUI Beta Viewer
  • Materials Project Viewer
  • Project Shining
  • SLShare

Happy 3rd Rezday Rodvik! 

2011 – Rodvik at his first meet and greet session in Second Life

Rodvik Linden 2011

2012 – Rodvik in a spaceship avatar flying around SL9B 

Rodvik at SL8B 2011

2013 – Rodvik special visit to Bay City

Rodvik visits Bay City 2013

Who knows where Rodvik will go next in Second Life during 2014 ?

Rodvik has been very quiet on Twitter since 20th September 2012 and also on the communications side for most of 2013 so I hope we will hear something from Rodvik in 2014.

We miss you, Rodvik!