A visit to The Chapter Four

Today I went to visit The Chapter Four destination in Second Life which is a monthly shopping event that happens on the 4th of every month which runs for 2 weeks. There are four rooms/sections featuring different themes of the sale. The Chapter Four is very popular at the moment and it’s on the Featured Events shown on page 2 of the Second Life Destination Guide.

Low prices and great stuff.

The Chapter Four 2014 The Chapter Four 2014 The Chapter Four 2014 The Chapter Four 2014

If you love shopping in Second Life then check this place out. For more details visit The Chapter Four Website. 🙂


Confirmed: Direct Messages no longer work on SL Web Profiles

Linden Lab first introduced the direct messages feature on SL web profiles back on 11th October 2011 and since then it’s been a great way to communicate with Second Life friends. At the start of December 2013 there wase scheduled maintenance for direct messaging. Before christmas the first reports came in saying that direct messaging no longer works.

Recently Linden Lab switched off the direct message function because of a rise in abuse of the system which is a real shame I think. Again there was no official announcement on the Official Second Life Blog or SL Forums about this change which is unacceptable. There needs to be better communications in 2014 from Linden Lab so that the whole SL community knows about big changes and features.



If you try and press the Send button today it will just blink and load for a second then do nothing after. The official confirmation came from Pete Linden recently during a recent email with Inara Pey about the direct message function being turned off.

Hi Inara,

On this inquiry, I can confirm that yes, as a result of a rise in abuse of the system, we have turned off the direct message function on My.SecondLife.com profiles.


It’s unclear if the direct message function will be turned back at any point in the near future. I hope this is a temporary measure and that it will be switch on again soon.