InWorldz 3rd Annual Fantasy Art Festival 2014

Quadrapop Tree has announced new details about the 3rd Annual Fantasy Art Festival 2014 happening on the grid of InWorldz next month. The sims open to the public on Friday 7th February and will remain open until the festival closes on Monday 24th February 2014. There will be many events, with 3 master class building workshops and live music performances during the event duration. The prim limit for the event is set at 900 and the plot footprints are set from 400sqm to 4000sqm which are available.

How to apply 

  • For application forms visit the Dreamz & Visionz region in InWorldz and look for the festival poster
  • Posters are available from Quadrapop Tree or via the Inworldz Dreamz & Visionz Art Fest group

Important Key Dates:

  • Applications close January 20th
  • Building on the sims begins January 24th
  • Sims open to public on February 7th
  • Festival closes February 24th with sims cleared a week later

View the new InWorldz 3rd Annual Fantasy Art Festival 2014 poster which looks great and it’s “a flight of fantasy”.

InWorldz 3rd Annual Fantasy Art Festival 2014

“Let your imagination fly free and create a work around the theme of wings or flying or anything to do with the sky”.


Prediction size of OpenSim and Second Life in 2014

Lani Global posted a very interesting prediction graph on Twitter on 3rd January for OpenSim vs Second Life for 2014. The graph prediction shows that OpenSim will continue to grow faster than the Second Life grid between now and December 2014. If trends continue as they are then this prediction will be correct for 2014. I hope that there will be a increase of regions/private estates for Second Life during 2014 and for new opensim grids get noticed more.

Latest grid numbers for OpenSim vs Second Life

OpenSim Vs Second Life 2014

Here is a graph published by Hypegrid Business for 2012 and 2013 showing increased growth in OpenSim grids. Again a decline in total Second Life regions.

OpenSim vs Second Life regions 2012 and 2013

What are your predictions for 2014 OpenSim regions Vs Second Life regions ?