Confirmed: One Billion Rising Event in Second Life 2014

One Billion Rising SL 2014

One Billion Rising 2nd annual event in Second Life will take place on 14th February 2014 for 24 hours to bring together women and men to raise awareness of violence against women around the world. The team is currently working on final details and there will be more announcements in the coming weeks for those that are interested in taking part in one of the biggest events in Second Life during 2014.

It is time to “RISE, RELEASE, DANCE for Justice” in support of this year’s One Billion Rising “V-Day” on 14 Feb 2014, a 24-hour global event to bring together women and men to raise awareness and stop the violence against women and girls around the world.  Our team is working hard to complete the final details.  There will be more announcements in the very near future for those who are interested in volunteering their time.


The first One Billion Rising Event in Second Life in 2013 was very well planned out and organised. More than 200+ avatars danced during the 24 hour event to raise awareness on the OBR regions.

There was a big main-stage with art installations and information exhibits around the edge of the four sims to visit which was really good. I’m sure this year’s event will bigger and more popular. I can’t wait to be part of the One Billion Rising SL event in three weeks time.



Updated graphs on the size of SL and OpenSim grids 2014

Maria Korolov posted a very interesting post on Hypergrid Business about the dark metaverse on Sunday 19th January 2014. The estimation from the research is that there are around 50, 000 regions in the “dark metaverse” that are run privately or that they don’t report their stats.

To get an estimate of the size of this “dark metaverse” I contacted hosting companies providers to find out what percentage of their customers were operating in private mode.

There was a wide range, from 20 percent private to 75 percent private for some commercial hosting providers, all the way up to more than 90 percent private for New World Studio grids.

Combing all the sources, that comes out to 60 percent of simulations are run in private mode on average, not accessible to the public.

This graph shows there are more regions in private opensim grids than there are on public opensim grids in 2014 which would explain the dark metaverse. A year from now it will be cool to see the numbers to compare the difference between the private/public grids.

In the comments section and via Twitter message Lani Global created some new graphs showing the total metaverse size for OpenSim private regions, OpenSim Public regions and Second Life regions which is really interesting.

As of 20th January 2014 there are now 109,641 regions in metaverse altogether (estimated) as the stats show below in the graphs. It will be interesting to see the numbers in a year’s time to compare the differences in the size of OpenSim and Second Life.

Summary of the grid numbers 

  • Second Life grid = 26,191 regions (23.9%)
  • OpenSim Public Grids = 33,380 regions (30.4%)
  • Opensim Private “Dark Metaverse” = 50,070 regions (45.7%)
  • Total Opensim = 83,450 regions (76.1%)
  • Total Metaverse = 109,641 regions (100%)

This graph shows the estimated metaverse size of OpenSim + Second Life in 2013, 2014 and for 2015.

These are great graphs showing a good estimation on the total amount of regions there are as of  today in the metaverse. Again OpenSim is growing steady each year and Second Life continues to decline each year.

I do hope for growth in Second Life regions this year or next year because that will be good for the Second Life economy as a whole and good in terms of numbers.

Press Release: 5th Annual Oscar Fashion Photo Contest 2014

Harper Ganesvoort posted recently a press release regarding the 5th Annual Oscar Fashion Photo Contest 2014 and here are the details if you are interested in entering the Oscar Fashion Photo Contest.

The photo contest started on 16th January and will run until 2nd March 2014. The prize fund has increased this year and here is the breakdown of the amounts:

  • First prize is L$10,000
  • Second prize is L$7,500
  • Third prize is L$5,000
  • Each honorable mention will receive a prize of L$1,500
  • Rules of the contest can be found here.

Press Release for 5th Annual Oscar Fashion Photo Contest 2014

Around the Grid with Harper, the Second Life blog published by Harper Ganesvoort, announces its 5th annual Oscar Fashion Photo Contest, to run from January 16 until March 2, 2014. In a huge change from the past contests, the guaranteed prize fund for this year’s contest is L$28,500, with L$10,000 going to the 1st-place winner.

“Real World finances have improved,” Harper Ganesvoort said in explanation of the increase, “to the point where I’m able to keep a large amount of in-world cash on hand. So, to give the contestants an encouragement to really show their best evening-fashion chops, and as a celebration of the 5th contest, the prize fund has jumped to a height never before seen in the contest’s history.

“I’m like lots of other people out in the Real World,” Harper said. “I enjoy seeing the actresses walking the red carpet every year, deciding if I like what they wear or not. Actresses have become the new supermodels, known as much for what they wear as for what roles they play; and they’ve actually replaced professional models on the covers of the fashion magazines. The men join the club these days with their choice in evening wear; while not as colorful and fanciful, a well-chosen tuxedo or evening jacket on a well-groomed man catches attention on the red carpet.

“My contest gives Second Life Residents, both men and women, the opportunity to join in the festivities. We all turn into fashion critics when we watch the show, or check out the pictures the next day on the Web. Second Life gives us a chance to not only talk about what we think would look good, but to demonstrate our concepts to the world through displaying the photos on Flickr and Koinup. Add to that the chance to earn the price of several new gowns from the Grid’s top designers, and you can see the attraction.”

“The last big advance to Second Life fashion, in 2013, was the addition of the mesh system,” Harper added. “Now we have another goodie handed to designers through the hard work of the programmers at Linden Lab: materials. While I haven’t seen too much done in this area yet, it’s slowly starting to creep in to Second Life couture. Hopefully this year’s contestants will be able to take advantage of the new feature in their choices and photography.”

There will be three placing finishers, as well as four honorable mentions. First prize is L$10,000; second, L$7,500; and third, L$5,000. Each honorable mention will receive a prize of L$1,500.

Past winners announcements:

5th Annual Oscar Fashion Photo Contest Announcement