Updated graphs on the size of SL and OpenSim grids 2014

Maria Korolov posted a very interesting post on Hypergrid Business about the dark metaverse on Sunday 19th January 2014. The estimation from the research is that there are around 50, 000 regions in the “dark metaverse” that are run privately or that they don’t report their stats.

To get an estimate of the size of this “dark metaverse” I contacted hosting companies providers to find out what percentage of their customers were operating in private mode.

There was a wide range, from 20 percent private to 75 percent private for some commercial hosting providers, all the way up to more than 90 percent private for New World Studio grids.

Combing all the sources, that comes out to 60 percent of simulations are run in private mode on average, not accessible to the public.

This graph shows there are more regions in private opensim grids than there are on public opensim grids in 2014 which would explain the dark metaverse. A year from now it will be cool to see the numbers to compare the difference between the private/public grids.

In the comments section and via Twitter message Lani Global created some new graphs showing the total metaverse size for OpenSim private regions, OpenSim Public regions and Second Life regions which is really interesting.

As of 20th January 2014 there are now 109,641 regions in metaverse altogether (estimated) as the stats show below in the graphs. It will be interesting to see the numbers in a year’s time to compare the differences in the size of OpenSim and Second Life.

Summary of the grid numbers 

  • Second Life grid = 26,191 regions (23.9%)
  • OpenSim Public Grids = 33,380 regions (30.4%)
  • Opensim Private “Dark Metaverse” = 50,070 regions (45.7%)
  • Total Opensim = 83,450 regions (76.1%)
  • Total Metaverse = 109,641 regions (100%)

This graph shows the estimated metaverse size of OpenSim + Second Life in 2013, 2014 and for 2015.

These are great graphs showing a good estimation on the total amount of regions there are as of  today in the metaverse. Again OpenSim is growing steady each year and Second Life continues to decline each year.

I do hope for growth in Second Life regions this year or next year because that will be good for the Second Life economy as a whole and good in terms of numbers.

5 thoughts on “Updated graphs on the size of SL and OpenSim grids 2014

  1. Though I do understand the nostalgia concerning SL, and why some are saddened to see it continue to lose regions and people, really, it is kind of inevitable if you have watched how such things have gone on the net over time.

    It seems very clear, especially as more and more such things as this get shared, that people are finding the free metaverse, rather than the commercial kinds, more appealing.

    The reasons are many. but I think they are just simply seeing all the drama and strife is just not worth whatever they had previously enjoyed with SL.

    I would love to hear from Timothy of Zetamex, who now runs Linda Kellies domain, as to the amount of downloads he is getting too. It would add some interesting data to all this, since content is still scarce [at least until Kitely gets their marketplace hypergrid enabled delivery going–soon they say]

    Of course many folks make their own things, obviously there is tons of talent out in opensim, and of course many would be in this dark metaverse, or be in both.

    Once you learn how to run your own simulators you can, for example, run them in the Metropolis grid [or also Kitely in some lesser regards as to options], get content in them, save the region in the form of an OAR, run your own private instance, then load the region/OAR full of what all you had.

    So there are less and less reasons to not do such things, anymore, and more options to do them.


    1. Hello Daniel , My take on this trend is very simple the day High Fidelity goes beta my own prediction says open sim will start losing regions after 6 months and collapse by 2018

      You will be able to host your own infinite worlds or rent server space for your worlds , Zetamex and others would be wise to look into the possible money making opportunities from HiFi .

      What will the haters of second life do when the losses stop and second life gets more life back in it but most importantly what are these haters going to say when HIFI is sucking up all their residents and open sim’s region accounts start to domino backwards.

      We all knew it was going to happen the day someone came along and made a better widget.

      Just my prediction.


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