Joined The Great Canadian Grid on OpenSim

Today I signed up to a new beta OpenSim grid called The Great Canadian Grid which is free and open for everyone.  The Great Canadian Grid provides a new freedom, excellent community support and the latest software technology in 2014. The grid supports mesh and at some point in the near future there will be a Marketplace.

At the moment The Great Canadian Grid has 5 regions, 41 residents with 23 unique logins during the past 30 days. In the coming months the grid size and user base will increase for sure. It’s still working on its own currency and so much more. Visit the Getting started in 5 steps page if you are interested in joining this new beta OpenSim grid.

Login URL:

Regions and Pricing 

  • 15,000-prim region is CAD $15 a month
  • 8,000-prim region is $8 a month

A nice welcome message 

[06:18]  GCG Greeter: Daniel Voyager Welcome To The Great Canadian Grid!..Check out your MAP on the bottom of your viewer to see the rest of the grids regions…..And be sure to get closer to click on the sign behind you to join the Grid….HAVE FUN!!

Here is the welcome area which is the first place where you will land when logging in for the first time. There are avatar shops, a freebie mail sim, a sandbox sim and much more to explore. See the regions page for places to visit and enjoy during 2014.

The Great Canadian Grid 20141

A nice place to relax, sit down and relax. Read the welcome board for more details. See the FAQ page for details about the grid in general.

The Great Canadian Grid 2014

A place for new avatars, fashion, hair and more for males/females.

The Great Canadian Grid 2014

The Great Canadian Grid Map 2014 with only five regions so far.

The Great Canadian Grid Map 2014

I’ll be exploring more of this grid in the coming days and I will be sharing my new OpenSim 2014 adventures on my SL Flickr stream. I hope to join more new opensim grids during 2014 and I am looking forward to exploring new places. Add me Daniel Voyager!