SL profile feed snapshot upload is fixed

On 21st January 2014 during a recent Simulator User Group hour there was good news from Simon Linden saying that “the profile feed snapshot upload is finally fixed” after weeks of not working correctly.

Getting Started with posting snapshots to the SL Profile Feed

  • Click on the Snapshot button in your viewer
  • Set snapshot size 
  • Add caption and click on Include location
  • Click on the Post button to send to SL profile feed

SL profile feeds fixed 2014

Once the Post button has been clicked it will say Posting for a few seconds then finally it will say Image uploaded for confirmation. Also you will receive a notification inworld about the successful upload.

Image uploaded

Visit your SL profile feed page and the sent image will appear in the feed like shown below. I really enjoy sending snapshots from Second Life to my profile feed on a regular basis. Feel free to add me or follow me.

Sent snapshot

If you have any issues when uploading a snapshot to the SL profile feed then submit a JIRA as soon as possible. I’m happy and glad that this issue has been fixed. 🙂


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