Kitely Marketplace update 2

Today at the Kitely meeting I asked Ilan Tochner (CEO of Kitely) if there is any new updates on the progress of the launch of the Kitely Marketplace which is due to go live very soon.

The new Kitely Marketplace will include a range of virtual items from clothing, objects and buildings etc. To search for items to purchase there will be new categories to choose from. The Kitely team wants to open the marketplace to other users from other virtual worlds which sounds really exciting.

Here is the latest update as of 10th April 2013:

we’ve finished the merchant control panel but are delaying rollout until we bing all the other system components to more than a prototype so we know we aren’t missing anything before we make the control panel available to merchants

It seems the rollout is being delayed until further notice. I predict the control panel for Kitely merchants will be ready by the end of April then the launch of the Kitely Marketplace in mid June 2013. Subject to change!

Kitely marketplace opening soon 2013

Hopefully it won’t too be much longer. I’ll publish more updates when the info becomes available. 🙂

One thought on “Kitely Marketplace update 2

  1. While checking the Avination Google page I saw a very interesting post by Leonie Gärtner about a new opensim development during a recent grid restart. Apparently Avination has introduced Multi Attach where you can have up to five attachments worn at the same time which sounds pretty interesting to try out. This is going to open up many possibilities on opensim grids and SL.


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