Small growth in private estates in Second Life 2013

Tyche Shepherd¬†has just published this week’s data on the new SL sims in past week SLU forum post and finally after 40 weeks there is “positive growth” in private estates in Second Life. It only increased by 13 regions this week which is better than the other way round I guess in a drop. Apparently the last time the grid saw growth in private estates was back on 24th June 2012. This is good news at last and hopefully the growth trend will continue in private estates for in 2013. There needs to be growth in private regions and main grid regions this year. ūüôā

Since the start of 2013 the net number of private regions lost now stands at 510 (2.4% in 13 weeks) according to Tyche Shepherd. 24/7 tracking of the Second Life economy stats can be found on the SL Grid Survey.

As of 31st March 2013:

  • Total Main Grid regions:¬†27, 570
  • Total Area (km¬≤):¬†1806.83
  • Private Estates:¬†20, 482
  • Linden owned:¬†¬†7, 088

Updated private estates graph

Yay! ūüėÄ

The growth in OpenSim Grids Statistics since 2009

Since October 2009 OpenSim grids have been growing in terms of total regions, total registered users and total active users. Hypergrid Business publishes monthly blog posts on the updated opensim grid numbers which is interesting to look at every month. During 2013 or 2014 it’s predicted OpenSim total regions will overtake Second Life total main grid regions.

Over recent years there has been more interest for OpenSim grids it seems and still Second Life continues to decline in terms of regions and active online users. These statistics below show data from October 2009 to March 2013 based on the top 40 opensim grids. Worth looking at I think!

Total Regions via Top 40 OpenSim Grids

  • 6, 103 – 15th October 2009
  • 7, 246 – 15th December 2009
  • 8, 561 – 15th February 2010
  • 10, 558 – 15th April 2010
  • 11, 717 – 15th June 2010
  • 10, 427 – 15th August 2010
  • 12, 425 – 15th October 2010
  • 15, 094 – 15th December 2010
  • 13, 369 – 15th February 2011
  • 14, 566 – 15th April 2011
  • 15, 290 – 15th June 2011
  • 18, 498 – 15th August 2011
  • 19, 525 – 15th October 2011
  • 21, 666 – 15th December 2011
  • 23, 231 – 15th February 2012
  • 20, 159 – 15th April 2012
  • 18, 518 – 15th June 2012
  • 21, 775 – 15th August 2012
  • 25, 202 – 15th October 2012
  • 23, 718 – 15th December 2012
  • 24, 678 – 15th March 2013

Total Registered Users via Top 40 OpenSim Grids

  • 183, 896 – 15th April 2011
  • 194, 466 – 15th June 2011
  • 206, 096 – 15th August 2011
  • 215, 740 – 15th October 2011
  • 222, 316 – 15th December 2011
  • 228, 892 – 15th February 2012
  • 235, 468 – 15th April 2012
  • 245, 433 – 15th June 2012
  • 257, 734 – 15th August 2012
  • 258, 301 – 15th October 2012
  • 276, 930 – 15th December 2012
  • 286, 798 – 15th March 2013

Total Active Users Via Top 40 OpenSim Grids

  • 15, 504 – 15th February 2012
  • 17, 404 – 15th April 2012
  • 16,391 – 15th June 2012
  • 17, 364 – 15th August 2012
  • 18, 124 – 15th October 2012
  • 20, 695 – 15th December 2012
  • 19,496 – 15th March 2013

Do you prefer Second Life or OpenSim grids ? Can you predict future numbers ? 

SL10B, update 1

Updated confirmed key dates, updated links and new SL10B videos have been posted on Prim Perfect’s blog about SL10B¬†today which is going to be¬†huge¬†in June 2013. I’m really excited about SL10B because its ten years since the launch of Second Life and it marks a historical milestone for everyone.


Are you looking forward to SL10B ?¬†¬†Please share your views in comments! ūüėÄ

>>> 83 days left and counting until the official 10th birthday of Second Life <<<

Key dates for SL10B

  • April 15th 2013 – Volunteer/Performance, Exhibitor Applications open¬†
  • May 20th 2013 –¬†Volunteer/Performance, Exhibitor Applications close
  • May 27th 2013 – SL10B sims open to builders
  • June 16th 2013 – Grand Opening of SL10B
  • June 23rd 2013 – Second Life officially turns 10 years old
  • June 23rd 2013 – Final day of performances
  • June 29th 2013 – SL10B sims close to the public
  • July 1st 2013 – All builds to be dismantled – sims go offline

Updated SL10B links

New videos for SL10B

SL10B from Mistletoe to DJs

SL10B Episode 1 – A Pattern Of Madness

SL10B Community Celebration – Update Your Bookmarks

More SL10B videos will be published in the coming weeks. Stay tuned! 


Happy 4th Birthday InWorldz

Today InWorldz has turned four years old and it’s time to celebrate 4 years with the founders of ¬†the grid.¬†Elenia Llewllyn and Tranquillity Dexter with the rest of the InWorldz team who have worked¬†really¬†hard over the past 4 years to make the grid run smoothly. Woooot!

As far as I’m aware there are no birthday celebrations planned between now and the end of next week (7th April 2013). Last year for the 3rd birthday¬†InWorldz had it’s first official IW conference that took place in Las Vegas. Next year is going to be extra special I think as InWorldz will reach it’s 5th birthday hopefully. ūüėÄ

Happy 4th InWorldz!

InWorldz 3rd birthday

Snapshot from InWorldz 2nd Birthday 

InWorldz Login Screen

Snapshot of InWorldz Login Screen taken at 2:50am SLT today. 

Patterns Now Available on Steam

It’s been announced on the Patterns Steam page that Patterns is now¬†available¬†to everyone which is great news after many months of waiting. Glad that Linden Lab are making progress on Patterns and it won’t be long until other non-SL products are released on Steam too I would imagine.

See below for the latest video, new announcement and what the developers think of Patterns.

See the new video mentioning that Patterns is available on Steam.

The Announcement as of 22nd March 2013:

We first launched Patterns as a ‚Äėgenesis release‚Äô in October 2012, and we are now happy to make it available to everyone on Steam as part of the Early Access program. We are still very early in the game‚Äôs development, but have already made many updates. If you‚Äôre interested in seeing how Patterns has grown and improved so far, check out our update history in the News section.¬†

As genesis release users, your feedback will help shape Pattern’s evolution. Please keep the comments, screenshots, videos and your thoughts coming! Know that we are reading and paying attention to your feedback, even if we are not able to respond to every post with a comment. 

If you encounter a bug with the Patterns genesis release, please report it to us directly through so that we can investigate and address it. 

We’ll continue to frequently update Patterns with new features, performance improvements, bug fixes, and more, so please check in regularly to keep up to date with the latest! 

Patterns Development Team

What is Patterns ?

It’s your universe to shape. Patterns is an ever-expanding 3D space, where you’ll construct simple and complex structures as you harvest substances and discover new shapes that can be used to enhance your creativity.

Patterns starts at a low level with simple, basic shapes and allows you to expand your universe as you add together other shapes to make more and more elaborate constructs. Build large scale structures that reach high into the sky or bridges that traverse wide chasms. Use your constructions to reach new areas and break out of your space to discover other worlds.

Be careful! Each substance contains different physical properties that can cause your creations to tumble, crumble or crash down to the ground. Will your creations withstand the power of gravity?

What the developers say about Patterns ?

Patterns is still in development and we are actively providing updates in order to flesh out this early experience. 

We are working hard on new features and content as well as bug fixes and tuning. Take a look at our update history to get a sense of how Patterns has evolved since we went live. Check in regularly for future updates. 

For a limited time, the Genesis version of Patterns is available for USD $9.99. That’s a savings of 50% off the regular price!

Steam is introducing early access to games. See FAQ

Overview of the Firestorm Viewer and Project Event 2013

Starting at 11am SLT tomorrow there will be a interesting event about the Overview of the Firestorm Viewer and Project. This presentation will take place on Virtual Ability Island hosted by Ed Merryman who is the Firestorm Support Team manager who has been working on Firestorm since September 2010.

Details about the Firestorm presentation 

Overview of the Firestorm Viewer and Project
PRESENTERS: Ed Merryman (voice), Lette Ponnier (text)
THURSDAY March 28, 11am PDT/SLT
Blue Orchid Cabana, Virtual Ability Island

Learn about what makes the Firestorm Viewer and the project on the whole unique. We’ll discuss some of its most popular features and customizability options and cover how to find help and more information from our large and active support team and its resources.

Ed Merryman is the Firestorm Support Team manager. He has headed the team since the beginning of the Phoenix Firestorm Project in September 2010.
Lette Ponnier has served on the team since February 2011 and is the lead of the English-language section of the Firestorm Support Team.
Both are active teachers for the team, presenting information almost daily about Firestorm settings and features, as well as solving and reporting problems.

Presented in both text and Voice simultaneously.