Official Second Life Facebook page hits 300, 000 likes/fans

Second Life Facebook page

According to PageData, on 13th April 2013 the official Second Life Facebook page reached another big milestone of 300, 034 likes/fans which is incredible I think. It seems there’s between 700 to 800 new likes/fans every week. The official Second Life Facebook page was created on 23rd April 2009 and reached 100, 000 during late 2010. Stay connected with the latest updates from Linden Lab on the official Second Life Facebook page today!

Facebook for the SL community is at number one for social networking for SL updates and discussions. There’s huge interest on the Facebook page for SL and still the page continues to grow in terms of new likes/fans per week. In comparison Second Life has a presence on other popular social networks:

Second Life Facebook page stats 

  • 111, 000 – February 2011
  • 140, 434 – May 2011
  • 200, 000 – 6th November 2011
  • 250, 000 – 21st April 2012
  • 290, 361 – 26th January 2013
  • 300, 034 – 13th April 2013

Total Likes since 18th March 2013

Page Data SL FB

SL Likes page stats

Second Life Facebook page stats


Apply for SL10B roles today

68 days left to GO!

It’s official that the resident run SL10B community event applications are now OPEN. This year is very special because Second Life will be celebrating it’s big tenth anniversary. It’s time for everyone in the SL community to come together and be part of this amazing 10th birthday celebration.

SL10B roles available:

  • Greeters
  • Exhibitors
  • Performers
  • Exhibitor Assistants (EA)
  • Stage Managers
  • Moderators
  • And more! 

Full details about SL10B roles, please visit:

Deadline for SL10B applications is 20th May 2013.