Kitely Marketplace launch in June 2013

According to the founder of Kitely named Ilan Tochner this week there is updated details about the upcoming Kitely Marketplace. The Kitely Market merchant control panel will be hopefully available for Kitely users to start creating their own stores within 2 weeks from now. Once that happens the Kitely Marketplace will open for business in June 2013. As of yet no date has been set for the official launch of the Kitely Marketplace.

The Kitely Market merchant control panel has a web-based inventory 
selection tool that enables changing what items are included in each 
marketplace product variation (so unlike in SL, you don’t upload content
into the Marketplace via your viewer). The control panel also enables 
configuring the Export permission for all the items that are included in
a product variation at any time, not just when the items the product 
includes are “uploaded” from the merchant’s inventory.

The Kitely Market merchant control panel should be available for people to start 
creating their stores within two weeks. The marketplace will open for business in June.

This is great news after hearing about recent delays and its going to be interesting to see how the Kitely Marketplace will compare with the Second Life Marketplace which has been online for many years now. Great progress is being made to the Kitely Plaza at the moment and its going to be amazing when fully completed soon.

Server Side Baking supported TPV viewers so far, update 1

The latest developments on server side baking on third party viewers. SSB renders clothing layers, avatar’s skin, tattoos, alpha from the client side to the server faster. Linden Lab are testing server side baking for official SL viewers which is due to be released hopefully within 2-4 weeks.

As of 25th April 2013

More updates will be published soon. 😀