Second Life statistics 2013 spring update

Since my last winter update back in early December 2012 I can share the user concurrency stats for the first 3 months of 2013 which seems to be still very flat and still it’s slow declining. Data below is from the resident run SL Grid Survey and Dwell On It stats page.

Here is the Second Life statistics 2013 spring update 2013.

Total Regions

Total main grids have been dropping since early December 2012 which is still cause for concern I think. Since the start of 2013 the net number of private regions lost now stands at 510 (2.4% in 13 weeks) according to Tyche Shepherd. Apparently the last time the grid saw growth in private estates was back on 24th June 2012.

Late last month the grid saw some small growth in private regions which is positive but i’m wondering if that trend will continue for the rest of 2013 or not. There needs to be growth in private regions and main grid regions this year. That’s what everyone is hoping for but it needs changes from Linden Lab to start the recovery again.

Region counts on 5th December 2012

  • Total Main Grid regions: 28, 290 
  • Total Area (km²): 1854.01
  • Private Estates: 21, 200 
  • Linden Owned: 7, 090

Region counts on 2nd April 2013

  • Total Main Grid regions: 27, 570
  • Total Area (km²): 1806.83
  • Private Estates: 20, 482
  • Linden owned:  7, 088

Main grid total regions still continues to drop

Main grid private estate regions still continues to drop

During 2013 or early next year in 2014 it’s predicted OpenSim total regions will overtake Second Life total main grid regions. We will have to watch the trends in the coming months.

SL daily concurrency levels

  • Maximum Daily Concurrency seems to be reaching 57, 000 to 61, 000 at peak times during the last 3 months.
  • Minimum Daily Concurrency seems to have dropped abit down to 28, 000 to 31, 000 during low peak hours during the last 3 months
  • Median Daily Concurrency seems to be around 45, 000 to 49, 000 during the last 3 months

SL signups 

Total signups (residents) now stands at 33,326,134 for Second Life and as many know there is far less than that inworld at any one time. Since December 2012 the daily Second Life sign ups are around 12, 000 – 16, 000 per day.

My next post will be posted in July 2013 for the summer update on the SL economy.

Happy 5th Birthday Metropolis Grid

Today Metropolis Grid on OpenSim has officially turned five years old which is a major milestone and big one for Metropolis community. Metropolis Grid came online on 2nd April 2008 and since it’s been growing at a good rate. Special thanks goes to Metro team for making this 5th birthday event happen from today until the weekend.

The Metro region opens for 5th birthday celebrations from 11am SLT today which is going to be very exciting indeed. The Metropolis 5th Birthday starts on Tuesday 2nd April through to Saturday 6th April 2013. During this special birthday celebration on the Metro region there will be exhibitions, readings, light shows, competitions, live performances and many parties to mark this historical 5th birthday.

Timeline of Metropolis Grid

  • 2nd April 2008 Metropolis Grid came online for the first time
  • May-July 2008 the wiki and forums were launched
  • Metropolis Basic homepage was launched in 2008
  • Metropolis celebrates 5 years on opensim on 2nd April 2013

New sneak preview snapshots of the Metropolis 5th birthday 2013

Overall of the 5th birthday Metro region.

Metropolis 5th Birthday island

Metropolis birthday schedule program.

Metropolis 5th Birthday island

Food and drink are ready for the 5th birthday party.

Metropolis 5th Birthday island

Metropolis Login Screen (2nd April 2013)

Metropolis login screen

Will you be attending this historical 5th birthday of Metropolis Grid ?