InWorldz physics rollout phase 1, update 3

Update 3: The latest news for physics rollout across InWorldz is that around 120 regions are now running PhysX 0.8.0 R2753 and the full rollout will be early next week (7th-13th January 2013). Another development is that the physics vehicle script set is being finalized today which is great news indeed. Very exciting 😀

Check region version for PhysX…

  • World menu > Region/Estate > Region Version 

PhysX version

Thanks to Tranquillity Dexler for the updates via Twitter today about InWorldz PhysX rollout. Update 4 will be posted when I hear more on the rollout. 🙂


New SL Starter Vehicle Pack is Currently Unavailable

During this weekend the new Linden Lab special promotion for the Starter Vehicle Pack on Amazon has been very popular with the SL community and SL friends that I know. The offer was going to end later tonight however it seems it’s Currently Unavailable on Amazon to US Amazon users.

Starter Vehicle Pack

There’s been 28 mixed responses for this item so far. Many are disappointed with the offer as the comments shows across the SL blog feeds. Having it U.S only is a major problem for UK Amazon users etc and being offline before the weekend is over is not acceptable. Linden Lab needs to look at the feedback via customer reviews and make better changes for next time so everyone can benefit from the SL deals. 🙂