New Kitely promo video for 14 east cafe in Detroit

Kitely has introduced new forums recently for discussions and support for all Kitely users. When looking through the new Kitely forums I came across a thread called Video shot in Kitely and SOAS which is a two minute video featuring the 14 east cafe in Detroit. The video features many actors and scripted NPC bots which is really impressive I think.

Details about this video…

A 2 minute video we did as a promo for 14 east cafe in Detroit featuring actors and scripted NPC bots. The buildings, Bots, furniture and fittings and tasty goodies are originals made by us with the Gaggia coffee machine by Ener Hax and additional props by Dorothea Lundquist. Music by Dave Brubeck
The build can be seen on Kitely at … ualDetroit.
Feel free to grab the bots ( they are in invisible prims on the seats ) or any other bits and pieces.

What is Kitely?

Kitely is the biggest commercial provider of OpenSim regions, hosting more than 2,500 regions (as of October 2012). Kitely is considered to have the most user-friendly administration tools in the entire OpenSim hosting industry.

What do you think of this Kitely video ?


Ready for Love Festival 2013

Tribute City in Second Life is currently hosting it’s month long valentine love season and it’s top featured in the Second Life Destination Guide this month. The Ready for Love Festival 2013 love season started on 12th January 2013 and will continue through to 15th February 2013. The love season features a couples photo contest, a merchant’s fair, live DJs, music bands and much more.

Sim traffic seems to be above 50+ and it’s one of the top places on the grid at the moment.  🙂

Ready for Love Festival 2013_006

Arriving on the love bridge and looking towards the live music event. 


  • 1/13/13 – Muse
  • 1/27/13 – Duran Duran
  • 2/10/13 – Green Day

Visit the Ready for Love Festival 2013 today and find the perfect SL partner or to go somewhere different. Teleport Here

Ready for Love Festival 2013_007

A central snapshot of the Ready for Love Festival 2013 from above.

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