4th Annual Oscar Fashion Photo Contest 2013

Harper Ganesvoort has released new details about this year’s 4th Annual Oscar Fashion Photo Contest 2013 which is currently going on now in Second Life. The 4th Annual Oscar Fashion Photo Contest 2013 started on 10th January 2013 and will be ending on 24th February 2013. Winners will be announced on 12th March 2013. See below for the press release and rules for the exciting fashion photo contest 2013. 😀


For Immediate Release

For more information, contact:
Harper Ganesvoort
(harper.ganesvoort@gmail.com); via Flickr or Koinup messages; or IM/notecard in world

“Around the Grid” announces its 4th Annual Oscar Fashion Photo Contest

Harper Ganesvoort, publisher of the long-running Second Life blog “Around the Grid,” is pleased to announce the opening of the 2013 Virtual Oscar Fashion Photo Contest in her photo groups on Flickr and Koinup, with details and rules to be found on the blog itself at http://harperganesvoort.wordpress.com/2013/01/07/2013-oscar-fashion-photo-contest-announced/.

The contest is open to all Residents of Second Life, as well as avatars from any virtual world recognized at the Koinup virtual photography service. As in previous years, there is a prize fund of L$6,500 for entries from Second Life avatars, with the winner to receive L$2,500. The 2nd prize will be L$2,000, and the 3rd prize L$1,000. Four honorable mentions will each receive L$250. All winners, whether or not from Second Life, will be written about in an article on the blog.

Past winners include Ruriko Bracken (2010), Curl Swinderhurst (2011) and Link Bressig (2012). Other placing contestants have included Cajsa Lilliehook, Moxie Macbeth, Moniq Salamander, Draakje Dailey, Rudyn Carter, Aida Ewing, Strawberry Singh and Natasja Schumann.

In speaking about the contest, Ms. Ganesvoort remarked, “It’s good to know that this contest, which I began in 2010, will continue on. Some Real Life difficulties threatened to cancel my ability to hold the contest this year. Fortunately, those problems appear to be behind me, and so the annual celebration of red-carpet fashion and fun can continue on schedule.”

Participants should submit one photograph of themselves, taken by themselves or another photographer, in an evening gown of their choice. Entries should, preferably, reflect the theme of participating in some form at the year’s Oscar ceremonies (entrance on the red carpet, on the stage, Governors’ Ball or other post-ceremony party, etc.). Multiple entries are not allowed; however entries can be changed by deleting one already submitted from the group (or requesting Ms. Ganesvoort to delete it), and submitting a fresh entry.

Entries may also be submitted by comment to any article published at “Around the Grid” for this year’s contest.

Entries will be judged by Ms. Ganesvoort based on the appropriateness of the entry to the theme, and the artistic merit.

Full rules are available in the official announcement article at “Around the Grid,” at: http://harperganesvoort.wordpress.com/2013/01/07/2013-oscar-fashion-photo-contest-announced/
along with links to the groups on Flickr and Koinup. They may also be obtained in world at the offices of “Around the Grid,” which are located at Harper’s Fine Art and Photographs (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Desire/130/39/111). Notecard vendors are found on the main floor near the entrance, and in the Secret (Public) Photo Studio skybox, reachable by teleporter from the store.




Abigail Compton has passed away

Sad news that the well known Abigail Compton has passed away in real life according to the mentor groups on Wednesday 9th January 2013. Another loss for Second Life and Abigail will be missed deeply. Abigail Compton helped alot of people at Help Island Public over the years and did alot for the SL community. Abigail Compton was apart of the mentor group called Phoenix Wave Team which helped newcomers in Second Life.

Abigail Compton

Ghost Ulich posted this group notice announcing the sad news.

Sad News
Wednesday,09 Jan 2013 20:46:47 GMT

It is with great sorrow that share with you that Abigail Compton passed away this afternoon.
She was a very special person, always ready to help and be there for everyone.
I am going to miss you my dear friend.

RIP Abigail

Happy 2nd Rezday Rodvik Humble

Today marks Rodvik Humble’s 2nd Rezday in Second Life. I’m sure there will be many more rezdays to come for Rodvik. Two years later and hopefully a happy 2013. 😀

Rodvik can be found on Twitter and his online SL web profile. Check them out and connect with the CEO of Linden Lab.  🙂

Rod Humble

Wishing you a Happy 2nd Rezday Rodvik!