Trying out Metropolis Grid on OpenSim

Today I decided to sign up to the Metropolis Grid on OpenSim which is a growing grid and very popular with the opensim community. Metropolis Grid is a free opensim grid which was founded in April 2008. According to Hypergrid Business latest blog post Metropolis Grid has around 454 active users and the grid grew by 70 regions in the past month. Some are saying Metropolis Grid will have more regions than InWorldz next month so who knows.

  • Metropolis – Live Your Dream!
  • Metropolis – free, democratic and independent!
  • Metropolis – open for all!

Metropolis Grid Statistics (22nd January 2013)

  • 1.113 regions = (72,90 area in km 2)
  • Total Population = 2, 584
  • In the last 30 days online = 552
  • Peak Online = 39
  • Residents Online: 39

Metropolis Grid Login Screen

What is Metropolis ?

Metropolis is a free OpenSim based virtual worlds network. Avatars can move through virtual worlds to meet others. in 3D or to explore the objects and creations from other citizens The members of the Metropolis grid can create their own worlds, without any limits.The access to the Metropolis-Grid, the mangement of the regions and estates (ie the handling with objects, assets, etc.) is very close to the handling in Second Life . Metropolisis based on the simulator software OpenSim , an open source project. 

What does Metropolis offer ?

The significant difference of Metropolis Compared to Second Life is that there is no minimum regarding the construction of buildings (prims, sculpties, etc.) on the Metropolis-Grid. Because Metropolis is absolutely free of any charge! Consequently, there are no similar virtual Linden dollars or currencies. On the contrary: the grid operators, as well as the residents, give a lot of buildings, furnishing items, clothes etc as freebies to other citizens. Thus, a new resident can Rapidly build its own inventory. There are many shops freebie available on different regions, Which are accessible via teleporting.

Is Metropolis a free grid ?

Everyone can connect their own worlds (regions) to the Metropolis-Grid, free of charge.Please have a look at the tutorial here , how it works. On the other hand, there is so The Possibility to rent ready-to-run virtual worlds for a cheep charge. Have a look at the prizes on this page .

Take a look at some impressive snapshots from the Metropolis-Grid.

Signing up to Metropolis

The sign-up page is very straightforward from choosing a first avatar look to filling out basic information which takes a few minutes to complete. Click on the Registration button at the bottom of the page when completed then it says Please Wait then a page will appear saying Successfully registered as a new citizen of Metropolis with links to get started.

Downloading Metropolis

Viewer software requires either Hippo OpenSim Viewer – Metropolis Edition, Cool VL Viewer, Imprudence Viewer or the Radegast Metaverse Client to run Metropolis. Other viewers are available through the Downloads Page.

Logging into Metropolis

Under Grid Manager via Preferences Menu add in the Login URL box then Get Info then Apply. I pressed the Login button on the login screen to start my adventures on the Metropolis Grid

Metropolis Grid Login Screen 2013

My First Arrival 

When I logged into Metropolis Grid I arrived firstly at Startregion which is a welcome area in the sky. There are welcome boards and many plants in the welcome building which is very welcoming.

Metropolis Grid 2013

Metropolis Grid 2013

Metropolis Grid Places to Visit 

In the welcome area there are teleporters to visit locations around the grid (top right of this snapshot). Just walk through them to teleport to that specific location. The three main teleporters at the welcome area: CenterWorld, Sandbox and Freebies. A very well-built region teleport system here.

Metropolis Grid 2013