Kitely is opening their SL Marketplace in mid April 2013

It’s been announced in the Kitely Forums that the new Kitely SL Marketplace will be launched in mid April 2013 which is the target date. I’m very interested in the launch of the new Kitely SL Marketplace and I’m looking forward to using it when it opens in mid April 2013. I love the idea of selling items to users from other opensim HyperGrid enabled grids which will be very popular with opensim users. This will for sure impact the opensim community in a positive way and hopefully more people will be interested in opensim (more signups) when it’s opened officially.

The OpenSim Grid Kitely is opening their own unique version of the SL Markeplace. The target date is Mid-April. The Kitely Market will enable you to sell to Kitely users and, within a few months of opening, will also enable you to sell to users of other OpenSim Hypergrid-enabled grids as well. Hypergrid is a system which enables teleporting between grids. For example, being on the Kitely grid and teleporting to the Avination Grid, arriving with your avatar and inventory.

The new upcoming Kitely SL Marketplace will be a big opportunity to reach out to other opensim grids and it’s going to benefit everyone I think. I can’t wait!

Kitely will only enable Hypergrid access once it includes content protection mechanisms to prevent the content you sell from leaving the Kitely grid unless you gave it a type of Export Permission. The creator content protection feature is not currently in place with the current Hypergrid system but Kitely intends to add this functionality to items sold via the Kitely Market. Thus you, the merchant, will be able to define which items will be exportable form Kitely and which will not. The opening of the Kitely Market therefore provides a thoroughly unique opportunity to expand your customer base, from the Second Life marketplace to OpenSim-based virtual worlds as well.

These details about the new upcoming Kitely marketplace listing fees sound interesting and the good thing is that there are no 10L$ fees that SL charges when uploading. Woooot!!!

There are marketplace listing fees, however all Assets (textures, objects, scripts, animations, and sounds etc.) are free to upload into the Kitely Grid (e.g. there no 10 L$ fee that SL charges when you upload a texture).

Kitely Market listing fees are one-time and charged whenever a new product or variation is created. There are no ongoing listing fees and you aren’t charged again when editing an existing marketplace listing.
The listing fees are designed to prevent low quality content from being added to the marketplace and were supported by the Kitely Mentors group so that high quality content can be more easily found.

Check out the early bird promotion on the Kitely Blog for more details and how to get the 50% discount on listing fees before the new marketplace opens for buyers very soon. What are your views on a new Kitely SL Marketplace?