Zen Viewer taken off Third Party Viewer Directory

On 25th January 2013 it seems Oz Linden removed the well known third party viewer Zen Viewer which is rather alarming I think. Zen Viewer was removed due to a request of the developer apparently from the Third Party Viewer Directory Viewer List. It’s unknown why the developer of the Zen Viewer wanted to remove the viewer from the Third Party Viewer Directory.

If you visit the Zen Viewer SL wiki page now it looks like this…

The Zen Viewer has been removed from the directory at the request of the developer.

Zen Viewer

The download link for the Zen Viewer seems to be dead which is bad news.

Zen Viewer dead link


I enjoy using Zen Viewer so I guess it’s presence will be missed from the Third Party Viewer Directory SL wiki page from now on. Hopefully more details will be announced about this major change.