New SL Starter Vehicle Pack is Currently Unavailable

During this weekend the new Linden Lab special promotion for the Starter Vehicle Pack on Amazon has been very popular with the SL community and SL friends that I know. The offer was going to end later tonight however it seems it’s Currently Unavailable on Amazon to US Amazon users.

Starter Vehicle Pack

There’s been 28 mixed responses for this item so far. Many are disappointed with the offer as the comments shows across the SL blog feeds. Having it U.S only is a major problem for UK Amazon users etc and being offline before the weekend is over is not acceptable. Linden Lab needs to look at the feedback via customer reviews and make better changes for next time so everyone can benefit from the SL deals. 🙂

5 thoughts on “New SL Starter Vehicle Pack is Currently Unavailable

  1. No amount of marketing ploys like this can help SL if LL doesn’t sit down and take action posthaste to improve user experience and customer support (yes, users are customers).


  2. The rumor I heard is too many people abused it. L$1000 for FREE? That brings out the unwashed masses. ALT accounts go in and get the free stuff. Amazon accounts are free, ALT accounts are free. LL just did not put in any time rolling this out. They needed better security.


  3. One has to wonder who the sharpest knife in the box was who thought to offer the equivalent of $4.00USD with each new account. Although the offer says “Limit of one for each customer”, apparently no mechanism was in place to prevent multiples and some posters boasted of acquiring hundreds of these accounts, and then presumably transferring the monies to a central account which would cash them out thru PayPal. This was why the offer was cut short, not due to running out of inventory on the shelf due to the unexpected demand.


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