Help People Island closing down after six years in Second Life

I have recently heard this sad news that the popular well known Help People Island will be closing down after six years in Second Life. There will be a big farewell party at 9pm SLT on Friday 23rd September 2011. Afterwards the island will be closed down to the public and HPI groups inworld will be shut down. TELEPORT HERE

Inworld info about the island

Volunteer organization devoted to helping other residents, particularly newcomers.  Come visit, explore a beautiful sim, and make new friends.

Group info

Group for the purpose of fun, learning, and mutual support, especially for new residents, but open to everyone.

Group members receive invitations to free classes and parties and are eligible for consideration as volunteer Plaza Greeters at Help People Island, the first step toward full Help People group membership.

Visit us at Help People Island!

Note, because SL computers struggle to  handle groups larger than 10,000, if you do not log on for a month or so, you will be removed from this group.   

Many will be heart broken by the news of this closure. There are other volunteer groups to join in Second Life that do a great job at helping new residents in the community.  Here is the official statement that was sent to all members in the Help People group inworld on 13th September 2011.


Dear HPI Staff And Members:

It is with tremendous sadness that Help People®Island will be closing it’s teleport’s on September 23, 2011. Help People, Inc. has sponsored our groups and Island for six years now, and it’s their Board of Director’s decision that its time for the company to move on. All of us who have been so deeply involved are deeply saddened, but we understand. Our hope is that something we’ve done has brought you as much joy and respect as we have for all of you.

Each and every single one of you have been the integral parts of the HPI heart, veins and pulse. Each giving tremendous amount’s of yourselves, selflessly and without prejudice. We could not have EVER asked for a better Group of people to work with, help with, socialize with and grown to love with. Even the Board of Director’s of Help People, Inc. asked us to thank each of you for maintaining the “Help People® Attitude” for all these years.

HPI has been a staple within the Second Life Community for 6 years, it’s hard to believe it started out on a small little area that barely got 10 people per day, in comparison to the 1000+ per day that we now have. Over the years, with the help and perseverance of all of you, it exploded into the greatest of ALL Help Group’s in Second Life and we feel what we have all contributed will in fact linger on for year’s to come. In our history within Second Life, we have helped and assisted in excess of 500,000 residents.

It’s absolutely unbelievable how many people we have all touched, but there is nothing but fact in those number’s. We cannot begin to describe the amount of joy that we have all felt on a daily basis just knowing that ALL of us were and are in fact making a difference. A positive difference. And while this is an extremely sad time, that joy is even larger.

As it stands at this moment, the island will close on September 23, 2011 at approximately 9pm SLT after a Farewell Party. We will also be closing all HPI related Groups, so if you get ejection notices, please understand that its pressed with a very heavy heart. Help People, Inc. simply cannot have the copyrighted Help People® name and registered logo out in the public domain without the company’s involvement.

Help People, Inc. has given us the foundation of their company, The Five Fundamentals – For a Better Life! As one last reminder, 1. DNA, Ditch the Negative Attitude. 2. Show sincere appreciation. 3. Listen Intently. 4. Make the other person feel important and 5. Help People! Let’s put these to action each and every day until they become habits.

If you would like to subscribe to the periodic Help People® Newsletter, it will be free of charge for all Help People® Group Members. All you need to do is send an email to with the subject line, “Newsletter”.

Also, we hope to have a Forum up on the website within the next month for any who want to stay in touch. Please bookmark the site and check back next month.

Again, thank you for all you’ve done to make Help People®Island recognized within SL as the Greatest of All Help places. We did good.

Farewell 😦


14 thoughts on “Help People Island closing down after six years in Second Life

  1. Daniel, this is the human behind Aullere Ocello. Thank you so much for your blog, you have always been a very positive influence in SL. Again thank you. 🙂 Also, I will be sending out a notice at the beginning of the week, as the Farewell Party time has changed to 12PM SLT on Sept 23, 2011. Yes, it is with much sadness, but there is more joy in the fact of ALL those that have been touched in someway by Help People Island. That’s something wonderful to hold onto. 🙂 Best Regards, Daniel…!!!!!!


  2. if they still have passion for what virtual worlds can do, i hope to see them in OpenSim where they could operate for quite a bit less and impact a gerowing audience and an audience that often is altruistic itself (like educators)

    Second Life open the doors to many possibilities and now OpenSim gives many of those opportunities a way to either start or continue with far more freedom and less expense


  3. I visited Help People Island and its not a focussed training sim, moreover a meeting place for informal chit-chat & learning… a few training workshops are listed… My advance picture of things was over-inflated.


  4. If you want a free non-profit virtual world for informal chit-chat & learning with 100,00 prims and 100 avatar capacity, create a Kitely beta world (it’s a snap)…

    Learning about Kitely – Part 1-8

    And install the ready-to-go “school” OAR region file from Linda Kellie…

    If not postponed, Kitely will start billing in November 2011… meaning owners pay 10 US cents fixed costs per month + 20 US cents per hour per visitor… monetization of visitors will also be enabled…

    Note the time-based costing, not land-based costing like in Second Life… this means fixed SL land-based costs are substituted against variable Kitely time-based costs, plus the option of visitor monetization…


  5. A year later I finally figured out why I could never get a tp to HPI! Thanks to everyone who helped me feel welcome, for the help, and for the fun conversations and parties. When’s the one year reunion party?


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